The Ifö Electric Ohm Collection

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A minimalist lighting collection inspired by Scandinavian and Japanese design.

Swedish company Ifö Electric has been making ceramic fixtures, insulators, and accessories for almost 100 years. The brand’s lighting fixtures that blend minimalist design and fine porcelain elements crafted with precision now illuminate homes all over Sweden and beyond. For the Ohm collection, the company collaborated with the Kauppi & Kauppi design studio. The range celebrates Ifö Electric’s heritage and draws inspiration from the porcelain insulators launched in the early 1900s. At the same time, the minimalist aesthetic references both Scandinavian design and antique Japanese tableware.

The Ohm collection includes a wide range of lighting, from table lamps (marking a first for Ifö Electric) to wall and ceiling lights. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, the designs come in two sizes and provide a complete lighting solution for a modern home. The range features porcelain bases in black or white as well as glass diffusers with matte opal or clear glass. While the clear glass ensures a brighter light, the matte opal diffusers soften its glow to create a cozier atmosphere. Some products also have an ash wood base that complements the smooth, polished porcelain. However, all of the designs feature the same curved silhouettes and retrained aesthetic. The Ohm collection made its debut at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2019. Photographs© Ifö Electric.

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