Les Ateliers Guyon

Québec, Canada

Félix Guyon graduated from the University of Montreal in 2006 with a BA in Industrial Design. His creativity is inspired by his extensive travels through the worlds of design and fine arts, his work experience from New York to London, and his studies in France. Torch-bearer for a long line of master craftsmen, Félix Guyon founded his own design office, Les Ateliers Guyon, in his ancestral village of Verchères near Montreal in 2012. Specializing in custom design of furniture, product design and key interior design pieces, Félix Guyon is known for his work ethic, masterfully created quality pieces, originality, and his collaboration with local artisans. The expertise and creativity of its collaborators have propelled the work to new heights, and several Les Ateliers Guyon projects have won awards in various design competitions.

Creative Field

Industrial Design

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