London, United Kingdom

Sebastian Cox

Simply put, Sebastian Cox is design studio and workshop based in south east London. We make timeless collections of furniture in our workshop. We design spaces, pieces for production and unique commissions in our studio. We give fallen trees a new lease of life in our mill. And we grow compostable furniture in our laboratory of biofacture. We work everyday to champion British woodlands. The Sebastian Cox workshop and studio were founded in 2010 on the principle that a traditional approach could be radical and that the past can be used to design and make the future. Without nostalgia or sentimentality but with respectful inventiveness and new technology. Our ancestors used a relatively limited palette of biodegradable and renewable materials creatively, to make objects that were functional, simple, understandable and as a result, beautiful. Together with his team, Sebastian immerses himself in our material history and reinvigorates traditional materials and ways of making to drive change in our material culture.

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Furniture Design

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