A creative concept for a multi-functional storage unit.

In the era of modular furniture and multi-functional products, it’s getting increasingly harder to stand out from the crowd. Stuttgart- based designer Deniz Aktay succeeds with an imaginative and playful design. Although only a concept for now, Crossbred showcases the creativity of young designers who think outside of the box. The name refers to the shape of the object, an intersection of two wooden modules, and to the idea behind the design. Both a storage unit and a coffee table, Crossbred is practical and convenient. It has a compact size but makes up for it with five interior compartments.

Opened on both sides, the shelves allow the user to see the contents of the unit at a glance. The open nooks also offer an easy way to keep books or everyday items and accessories close at hand. One of the two wooden boxes features a flat top that provides room for a cup of tea or coffee. The other top has an angled form that makes it easy to place a hardcover book, writing tools, or a smartphone. As Crossbred would suit any area of the home, the compartments can be used for a huge range of items. Finally, apart from its multi-functional design, this storage-table brings a playful accent into interiors. Which is why we hope that the concept will become a reality. Images © Deniz Aktay.

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