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Introducing HUNA

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A collection of handmade linen sleepwear crafted from natural linen.

Founded by childhood friends Ffion Boyesen and Bella Mossman, HUNA is a sleepwear brand that specializes in handmade, sustainable products. The story of the company begins years ago, as the two friends fell in love with nature while growing up in Ceredigion, in a coastal village in West Wales with a history of textile manufacturing. The simple rural lifestyle also enabled them to better understand the value of comfort and function from a younger age. After working in fast-paced industries (film and TV and business), the two friends decided to create their own company. However, HUNA is not your average fashion brand. Founded on principles of sustainability, the company makes products to order or in small batches to reduce waste – a common problem in the fashion industry.

Sleepwear essentials made ethically and responsibly.

HUNA only uses natural, eco-friendly materials along with sustainable packaging. Apart from natural linen and elastic, the company also uses paper for pattern cutting and biodegradable packaging. As the UK doesn’t have a flax growing industry, the two founders looked for the best, most responsibly-grown raw material they could find in Europe. Which led them to Baltic Flax, a family run mill that also puts environmental responsibility at the heart of their operations. Their linen is not only high-quality, it’s also OEKO-TEX® certified, meaning that it doesn’t contain any harmful substances. As for the elastic, it’s a special ECO elastic made from natural rubber and cotton, which makes it biodegradable.

The HUNA collection comprises sleepwear specially designed and crafted to ensure a comfortable sleep. Made for all shapes and sizes, the 100% linen products include everything from tops and pants to shorts and robes. Customers can order products individually or in sets, with color options ranging from natural to light blue and navy. Apart from the made to order section, the brand’s site also offers access to a ready to ship collection. It includes a limited range of sleepwear and a selection of accessories like socks, eye masks and scrunchies, among others. Photographs © HUNA.

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