The re-launch of an iconic Bauhaus chair series.

Originally designed by leading Bauhaus designer Erich Dieckmann, the D chair series was revolutionary in the way it focused on ease of mass production. Following Bauhaus principles, the chairs featured optimized shapes and designs that facilitated more efficient, standardized production to help make high-end design accessible. Now, Austrian furniture brand TYP has reissued the three chairs. The company has updated their build and size for modern living spaces but maintained their proportions and character. Starkly minimalist, the chairs feature clean geometric forms and cubic shapes. At the same time, they have geometries that adapt to the human posture and provide a comfortable seating solution.

All three chairs share the same minimalist aesthetic and high-quality build. TYP has re-engineered the joints and also adjusted the chairs’ size without altering the soul of the original design. The star of the collection is the D1 chair. This side chair features a subtly curved backrest that provides a softer counterpoint to the right angles of the base. The D1+ dining chair boasts armrests, while the D2 chair features two angled back legs and a rectangular, single-piece backrest instead of two planks. All three chairs from the reissued collection are crafted in Northern Italy. Customers can choose between three types of wood: ash, oak, and Robinia. The latter suits outdoor use. Additionally, TYP offers the range in six colors, with the seats available in solid wood, wicker, or with textile and leather upholstery. Photography © TYP.

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