In 1919, architect Walter Gropius founded what would later become one of the most influential movements in design and architecture: the Bauhaus school. While it originally focused on experimental teaching methods and the concept of mass production that makes good design accessible to everyone, the school’s design principles still have a lasting impact in contemporary architecture, design, and art. Here, you can discover some of these projects, curated from work completed all over the world, by both up-and-coming creatives and established designers.

The furniture design industry provides some of the most creative examples of Bauhaus-inspired products. On this page, you can discover some of the most inspired and imaginative projects we’ve found. Among them, a collection of metal furniture that references both the Bauhaus and brutalist architecture. Or a series of furniture and home accessories that celebrate the German school’s core principles and combine angular forms and clean lines with artistic details and splashes of color. Another furniture range features an intricate frame structure with geometric forms and a waffle-like pattern that complements the softness of textile or leather upholstery.

Apart from these furniture and product designs, here you can also discover an article that covers the best Bauhaus books. A treasure trove for any design and architecture lover, this selection includes books that cover a wide range of subjects related to the school; from books that focus on its history, to titles that highlight some the often overlooked Bauhaus women, books that specifically explore the school’s international influence, and publications that showcase rare photographs and documentary images along with informative texts and captivating essays.

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