Andrea Gjestvang

Oslo, Norway

Andrea Gjestvang, an acclaimed Norwegian photographer, has carved a distinctive niche in the realm of documentary photography, oscillating between her bases in Oslo and Berlin. Her work, characterized by a deeply personal lens, delves into the fabric of northern societies, illuminating pressing social issues through her evocative imagery. Her latest publication, "Atlantic Cowboy," reveals the stark gender disparity in the Faroe Islands and has added to her repertoire of impactful visual narratives. Gjestvang's poignant series "One Day in History," which portrays survivors from the Utøya island terrorist attack, brought her international acclaim and the esteemed L'Iris d'Or at the Sony World Photography Awards in 2013. An OsloMet alumnus, her storytelling has graced the pages of leading publications, including National Geographic and The New York Times, and her exhibitions have been hosted in prestigious venues worldwide. Beyond her photographic ventures, Gjestvang is a respected picture editor, educator, and curator, further shaping the visual arts landscape. As a member of Panos Pictures, her contributions continue to resonate, bridging narratives across borders with her camera.

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