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Introducing Lepale

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A collection of tools specially designed to revolutionize home gardening and to last a lifetime.

Established in 2014 by three friends with different technical backgrounds but who shared the same passion for gardening, Swiss brand Lepale aims to revolutionize a traditional gardening tool, the trowel or the hand shovel. With this classic utensil largely unchanged for millennia, the company decided to offer a better and more efficient alternative that radically changes home gardening, and more. Using their different but complementing backgrounds in metalworking, mechanics, and construction techniques, the founders developed a distinct design. Starting from a traditional hand shovel, they refined, tested, optimized and then perfected the design to create the Lepale collection. The products have patented designs, both in the US and Europe. They blend ergonomic handles with curved shapes that maximize efficiency while gardening.


Created with efficiency, comfort, and longevity in mind.

Entirely hand made in Italy, each Lepale product is crafted from premium materials to last a lifetime. The majority of the collection even comes with an impressive 25-year guarantee, with the steel series backed by a 5-year guarantee. Lepale shovels have a specially designed shape that allows easy handling, even in tight spaces. The curvature of the metal scoop and the ergonomics of the handle ensure that the user can complete tasks with ease, using a natural movement. Apart from improving efficiency, these tools enhance comfort while working. At the same time, the shape of the trowel minimizes and even eliminates spills, ensuring that the user doesn’t lose the contents during their gardening work. Furthermore, the rounded design allows a smooth rotational movement in compact spaces and allows easy filling or emptying of contents.

The design also minimizes effort and reduces strain compared to traditional shovels and trowels. Finally, Lepale takes on a sustainable manufacturing approach to make each product. Apart from using high-quality, responsibly sourced materials and guaranteeing a lifetime of use, the company also reduces its carbon footprint with a manufacturing process that has a low environmental impact, an optimized distribution, and a more eco-friendly waste management.


Multi-functional tools that also excel at specific tasks.

While all Lepale gardening shovels share the same rounded shape and quality build, each design suits specific tasks. For example, Namibia. Featuring a rounded tip, this tool is perfect for loose soil, sand, ash from a chimney or even cat litter. It’s also ideal for filling jars. Kenya has an ingeniously designed, sharp tip that suits the hardest of soils, including frozen earth. This hand shovel also provides an easy way to create holes for planting, dig into compact soil and stone, or perform precise digging work – on archaeological sites, for example.

Likewise, Lesotho can handle the most challenging gardening tasks. Made with three sharpened tips and reinforced folds, it can dig into frozen and rocky soil. At the same time, the heavy-duty design makes this hand shovel a great choice for lifting heavier items like a timber log or a slab of concrete. Finally, Malawi has a toothed tip that works wonders in soft soil and gravel. This compact shovel is perfect for flower beds and grassy earth, clearing gardens of weeks or even making irrigation channels. Thanks to the depth of the scoop, the user can also use Malawi to water plants.

All of these Lepale gardening tools come in several versions. The more accessible collection combines steel and rubber handles. Crafted with extra longevity in mind, the other two series pair stainless steel with either rubber or solid wood handles. These two collections come with a 25-year guarantee. Lepale has also launched a collection for children, named Alina. The colorful trowel comes in vibrant hues and comes with a food-grade polymer scoop, making it ideal for either the garden, the beach, or the kitchen. Available in the US exclusively at Gessato, you can discover the Lepale metal shovel collection in the Gessato Design Store. Photography © Gessato.

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