Elevated above ground and nestled among branches, tree houses immerse inhabitants in nature and allow them to slow down and relax in a serene setting. Finding the perfect one to plan the trip of a lifetime is easy with our list of tree houses for rent. The concept may bring childhood memories to mind, but these cabins are truly one-of-a-kind.

Tree houses for rent in gorgeous landscapes around the world.

Built in lush jungles, old forests, coastal landscapes, or in a metropolis, our collection of tree houses offer stunning views as well as comfortable living spaces. Here you’ll find a huge range of designs, from a tubular structure that opens to the Pacific Ocean to a spherical nest, a charming cabin surrounded by lavender fields, or an open air tree house set in a South African game reserve. Beware, this article may induce wanderlust.


Inspired by the movie “The Tree Lover” by Jonas Selberg Augustsen and by the importance of trees in the life of humans, the world-famous Treehotel in Northern Sweden is a must-visit place for both design and architecture lovers. The retreat comprises seven tree houses for rent and nine rooms in the original Brittas Guesthouse. The rooms were designed by different architecture firms and every one of these tree houses is special. Celebrated studio Snøhetta designed 7th Room with an imaginative twist on the typology of a Norwegian wood cabin. The structure boasts a sixth facade: the bottom that features a print of trees reaching for the sky. This eye-catching effect sets the wondrous tone for the entire stay and represents the Treehotel project perfectly.

Nearby, The Blue Cone baffles guests with its bright red exterior that defies its name. Designed by architect Thomas Sandell, this distinctive tree house stands on three pillars on a sloping terrain. A long ramp leads guests to the entrance. Stepping inside the room, they find a Nordic-style design: white and light neutral hues, wooden flooring, and simple, elegant furniture. The bed faces the window that frames spectacular views, with a lounge area also immersing guests into the landscape. Ideal for couples and friends traveling together, The Blue Cone sleeps four people.

Other cabins from the Treehotel retreat include a nest-like structure, a cabin covered in mirrors, and a volume that resembles a UFO as well as a romantic retreat for two.

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Willow Treehouse

Located in Woodstock, Ulster County, only a two-hour drive from NYC, Willow Treehouse is great for couples or people looking to unwind in a secluded setting. Designed by Antony Gibbon, the tree house has a distinctly contemporary appearance but looks at home in the woodland. The main cabin cantilevers over the banks of the swimming pond below, offering amazing views of the forest and the Catskills in the distance. Guests who prefer ultra-cozy tree houses for rent will love this place.

The interior features an open-plan lounge area with a wood burning stove and a kitchen with access to a terrace. Relaxing on the sofa, guests can admire the views through the glazed wall. The bathroom and another lounge space are at the rear. In the loft area, a spacious bedroom provides ultimate comfort AND access to views of the sky. The property also includes a second terrace, a hot tub, and pathways to the pond.

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Treehouse at Casa Barthel

If you’re visiting Florence and plan on staying somewhere special, the Treehouse at Casa Barthel may be just perfect for you. Nestled among pine and olive trees, this cozy retreat has a creative vibe. Architect and artist Elena Barthel moved with her family to the farmhouse estate in the 1980s, when the property featured a stone villa and barn arranged around a courtyard. Over time, the estate expanded to include cottages and a tree house, becoming a welcoming space for artists and travelers. Elevated on columns, this retreat allows guests to feel a part of nature.

The Casa Barthel tree house features one bedroom with a queen size bed, a small kitchen, a bathroom, and a terrace that offers great views of the Tuscan setting. A chalkboard provides a fun way to mark your stay. The property also offers access to a swimming pool, tennis court, gardens, and orchards.

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Treehouse in South Africa

Ranked the #1 treehouse in SA on AirBnB, this retreat provides an ideal getaway for a family. The cabin is set on a farm in Port Elizabeth, offering children plenty of safe, open areas to play.  Surrounded by a gorgeous landscape, the tree house opens to valley views and sea views in the distance. The rustic interior is warm and stylish at the same time. Think textured timber flooring and walls coupled with white curtains and furniture along with carefully chosen patterns.

Designed with two bedrooms, a lounge area, and a fully fitted kitchen, this tree house also has a large terrace that opens to the verdant landscape. Guests have access to a BBQ area and the farm’s swimming pool, with beach walks and hiking activities also available.

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The Fusion Home

If you’re looking for tree houses for rent in Costa Rica, look no further than The Fusion Home. Part of the Finca Bellavista Treehouse Community, this off-grid cabin immerses guests into the rainforest setting but doesn’t sacrifice comfort. The cabin is a perfect choice for adventurers and those who love hiking and exploring wild landscapes. Indeed, to get to the tree house, guests need access to an off-road vehicle for a stretch of about 3km, and afterwards they have to hike for 10-15 minutes on a steep, rocky trail.

The tree house itself channels minimalist mountain chalet designs, with elegant furniture, wooden surfaces, and windows that bring nature inside. Guests have access to a large private terrace and to the common lower deck area with a pool. The Finca Bellavista community base camp also provides access to various activities and tours.

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River-Eye Treehouse

Designed by architect Peter Manning of ecoarc, Å Auge River-Eye Treehouse is a sustainably built, eco-friendly micro house with a minimal impact on the natural landscape. Located in the county of Telemark, about a three hour drive to the north from Oslo, the tree house welcomes guests in a wild forest setting on the banks of the river Tessungåe. Towards the south, the cabin features glazing that offers views of the river and the surrounding nature.

The interior optimizes space, providing a comfortable stay for both families of 9 or couples. It features two levels; the mezzanine contains a queen sized bed with panoramic views and a skylight that frames the night’s sky. A covered terrace doubles as a dining space and outdoor sleeping area in the summer.

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Zip Wire Tree House

Located between Mont Saint-Michel and Saint-Malo in France, Les Ormes is a sprawling, 200-hectare retreat. Set on the grounds of a country estate that includes a château, this resort offers access to various types of accommodations, from a 3-star hotel to tents, wooden cottages, and cabins. Their Zip Wire Tree Houses offer an adventurous twist on the concept. Like their name suggests, these cabins nestled among tree tops are part of a larger course with cables, zip wires, rope bridges, and nets, to name a few. Guests receive training before reaching their hut. They also have to bring their own sleeping bag and charge their mobile phones beforehand. Put more simply, this is the perfect choice for those who are looking for a seriously fun tree house travel experience.

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The Pinecone Treehouse

Aptly named, this tree house in California looks to the trees it calls home for inspiration. Designed by owner Dustin Feider, The Pinecone Treehouse looks like a giant pine cone suspended above the forest floor. Glass panels not only allow guests to admire the woodland freely, but also give the structure a lighter look. As the cabin sits from 35’ to 60’ above the ground, travelers need to climb a steep ladder and gain access to the interior through a trap door. Once inside, they’ll feel a part of the California Redwood forest thanks to the 360 degree views. The one-room tree house features a queen size bed, while the bathroom with a shower is placed on the ground level.

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Primland Golden Eagle Tree House

While most of the tree houses for rent from our list are set in beautiful forest landscapes, Primland’s Golden Eagle Tree House at the edge of the resort’s golf course is nestled among the branches of an old oak tree. The prefab cabin comes from France. Designed and made by tree house specialists La Cabane Perchée, this retreat offers the perfect blend of comfort and relaxation. It features an aromatic red cedar wood build and an interior that recreates the warmth of a ski chalet.

Guests also have access to a deck area set around the tree’s trunk. From here, they can admire stunning views of the Kibler Valley, the Dan River Gorge, and the North Carolina Piedmont. When they’re not relaxing the cabin, guests can make the most of the retreat’s many activities. These include hiking, fishing, and horseback riding as well as swimming and ATV riding.

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La Piantata

At La Piantata, you’ll get to experience the pastoral beauty of the Italian countryside while enjoying the magic of living in a tree house. Nestled in the heart of Tuscia, in Arlena di Castro, Viterbo, La Piantata Farm welcomes guests into a gorgeous landscape. Rolling hills, centuries-old olive groves, and fragrant lavender fields surround the farm. The Suite Blue tree house is one of the most charming in our list. Placed among the branches of a century-old oak tree, the wood cabin overlooks lavender hills. A curved staircase leads guests to the entrance. Inside, they discover a comfortable double bedroom and a spacious bathroom, both of them designed with natural wooden surfaces.

From the terrace, one can admire the landscape and enjoy the breakfast served directly to the bedroom via a pulley system. It’s the perfect romantic getaway. The property also offers access to swimming pools, including two for children. Those who want to explore the area can rent bikes and ride to Lake Bolsena, Europe’s largest volcanic lake.

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TreeHouse Point

Designed and built by Pete Nelson, well-known American treehouse builder and host of Animal Planet’s Treehouse Masters TV show, TreeHouse Point is a must-visit place. Located in a beautiful forest setting in Snoqualmie Valley, only a 30-minute drive from Seattle, the six tree houses for rent allow guests to feel a part of the lush woodland. Each tree house has its own character and charm, but all of the cabins feature a warm interior design with classic accents and offer great views.

Apart from the six tree houses, the retreat also provides access to a central Lodge, where guest can enjoy delicious breakfasts, free WiFi, books, board games, and more. The property also includes an event space and two cedar-clad bathhouses. Guests can either take yoga or Tai Chi classes and enjoy a massage, or go hiking, explore the villages nearby, or browse through the offerings of the local farmers markets.

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Free Spirit Spheres

Compact but comfortable, the Free Spirit Spheres on Vancouver Island provide a great way to relax and enjoy a range of activities in the natural setting. The three tree houses for rent are Eryn, Luna, and Melody. Made from Sitka spruce, Eryn has a spherical shape and five windows, including a skylight. The interior is cozy and welcoming, with a double bed, a loft bed, refrigerator, cupboards with dishes, and more. A speaker system allows guests to enjoy their favorite music or watch video on their devices. The bathroom with a shower is right under the sphere, while the nearby Cook House offers access to a sauna and a small galley kitchen. A deck with a barbecue is also available to all guests.

In terms of activities, guests can hike or ride on the Lighthouse Country Regional Trail, get to the Parksville Beach, or explore the Rosewall Creek Park. For those with a more adventurous streak, there are plenty of activities to choose from, including cave explorations, sea kayaking, and zipline adventures over forest trails.

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The Woodsman’s Treehouse

Winner of the RIBA South West award, The Woodsman’s Treehouse was designed by architect Keith Brownlie for the glamping retreat of cabinetmaker and furniture designer Guy Mallinson. Located in Dorset, southwest England, this cabin is a high-end tree house that puts a focus on both comfort and style. The structure sits on stilts among the branches of three oak trees. Larger than most tree houses for rent from our list, this retreat features everything you may need for a serene getaway in the middle of nature.

The stunning interior features a circular space with a rotating wood-burning stove in the center. This area gives access to the bedroom, bathroom with a freestanding copper bath, kitchen, and lounge space. From the bedroom, guests can access a terrace with an open air shower, while on the upper deck they find a sauna and a hot tub.

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Urban Treehouse Berlin

While most of the tree houses for rent in this list call natural landscapes their home, Urban Treehouse Berlin allows travelers to enjoy the feeling of living among tree branches – but in one of the world’s most visited cities. Designed by leading tree house architect Andreas Wenning, these two tree houses have a contemporary design. They feature a simple rectangular shape and geometric patterns on the exterior walls. Minimalist and elegant, each cabin optimizes both comfort and function. On one side, there’s an L-shaped sofa and an adjustable table close to the fully equipped kitchen. On the other, there’s a plush bed, bathroom with a shower, and a balcony. Guests also have access to a terrace, where they can enjoy their breakfast before exploring Berlin.

Set in a garden plot in a residential area, Urban Treehouse Berlin is nestled among trees between the urban setting and nature. In the summer, guests can also take a swim in the Krumme Lanke lake, located about 300 meters away from the cabins. To rent one of these tree houses, travelers need to become a member of Urban Treehouse Berlin.

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Cabanes Als Arbres / Cabins in the Trees

Set in the enchanting woodland of Sant Hilari Sacalm in northeast Catalonia, Cabanes Als Arbres is the region’s first tree house retreat. The cabins opened their doors to nature-loving tourists in 2009. Designed with an octagonal shape, they have a wood build and two points of access. Guests can use either a suspended bridge or a vertical ladder to get inside the cabins. The comfortable interior features a spacious bed, a sink, a composting toilet, and a wall-mounted fireplace.

In the centuries-old farmhouse at the center of the site, guests can take hot showers, relax in the spa or massage room, walk through the gardens, and lounge by the swimming pool. Breakfast comes every morning via a pulley and guests can devour it on the tree house’s private terrace. This retreat has many tree houses for rent, each with their own design and character. However, all of them offer gorgeous views of forest, the Montseny, and the Pyrenees.

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Robin’s Nest

Located in the heart of Germany, in the small town of Witzenhausen, Robin’s Nest is a great choice for travelers who want to visit the country and relax in a forest setting. The retreat offers access to three tree house for rent, a ball tree house, a cottage, and five tree tents. A restaurant and a sauna are also available on site. One of the more creative designs from our list, the Ball Treehouse has a spherical shape with a multi-faceted pattern that continues in the interior. While the exterior boasts a green color to blend the tree house into the setting, the cabin has a light wood surface on the interior. The room is simple and comfortable, with a large bed and shelving as well as triangular openings and a skylight that frames the verdant canopy.

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Tree Houses at Post Ranch Inn

Ideal for a romantic retreat, Post Ranch Inn is a stylish resort located on the cliffs of Big Sur, California. Their tree houses for rent allow the same immersion in nature, but with an elegant twist. The cabins have a triangular shape and stand on 9 feet stilts. Inside, the spacious rooms feature a king size bed, a desk, a wood-burning fireplace, a walk-in shower, and a window seat as well as a skylight for stargazing. Guests receive a free breakfast with their reservation along with wireless Internet access.

Various activities are available, from yoga to guided nature walks, garden tours, and stargazing with the resort’s telescope. Guests can also hike around the area, enjoy the infinity and swimming pools, visit the spa, or get active in the fitness center.

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Yoki House

Designed by ArtisTree’s founder Will Beilharz, Yoki House is one of several tree houses for rent at the Cypress Valley Canopy Tours resort. Located in central Texas, the retreat is built in a lush forest setting only an hour drive away from Austin. Crafted from galvanized metal and driftwood, Yoki stands 25 feet above a creek, among the branches of two old cypress trees. The water theme inspired the entire concept, from the name – ‘yoki’ means ‘rain’ in Hopi Native American – to the windows that frame the creek and the bathhouse’s soaking tub.

The main bedroom is airy and stylish at the same time; it features a king size bed and windows that open to the valley landscape. This tree house also contains a living room, kitchenette, dining room, loft bed for a third guest, and deck chairs. A suspended bridge offers access to the bathhouse with a private bathroom, soaking tub, and separate shower. A great choice for design lovers, Yoki House has a minimalist interior with custom ArtisTree furniture as well as polished concrete and reclaimed wood surfaces.

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Cabanes Dans Arbres

The Cabanes Dans Arbres resort offers the perfect solution to spend an unforgettable family holiday in the middle of nature. Located an hour and a half drive to the south-west of Paris, Domaine du Bois Landry or Estate of Bois Landry is a family-owned retreat with various tree houses for rent. They can sleep from 2 to 6 people, and many options are child-friendly. Guests can select between the staircase, ladder, and walkway tree houses, with zip line cabins also available for more adventurous couples. Some cabins offer forest views, while others open to the site’s pond.

A wide range of activities make a stay here extra fun. Families can relax in the common areas or play, explore nature trails, hike or ride bikes around the estate, and even fish in the pond. Nearby, there is an aquatic center, spa, equestrian center, and Labyrinthe du Thimerais. Chateaus, an animal park, national park, and a design show room are also located close to the site.

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Tree Houses in the Pedras Salgadas Park

Architecture fans will appreciate the design of the Tree Houses from the 100-years-old Pedras Salgadas Park in northern Portugal. Designed by architect Luís Rebelo de Andrade, the tree houses re-imagine the traditional tree cabin silhouette with a contemporary twist. Walkways lead guests to the entrance of the elongated structures that reach out towards the forest with their organic form. The tree houses have a slate and wood build, following vernacular architecture and thus blending into the setting. One window frames the park, while a skylight provides a beautiful view of the stars at night.

The interior features a double bed, sofa, bathroom, and kitchenette. Completed with sustainability in mind, these tree houses for rent have LED lighting and reinforced insulation, as well as a system that reuses wastewater. The site includes a restaurant, bar, chapel, spa, and swimming pool.

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Under Canvas Glacier Treehouse

Under Canvas Glacier is a glamping site that offers comfortable accommodation close to the entrance of the picturesque Glacier National Park, Montana. While surrounded by wilderness, guests enjoy ultimate comfort in gorgeously designed deluxe, suite, and safari tents. The Under Canvas Glacier Treehouse provides the best views thanks to the elevated location. It has a loft-like design with a king size bed, a wood-burning stove, and a private bathroom with toilet and shower. It features a wooden flooring and furniture under a canvas canopy. The camp site offers access to picnic areas, grills, and a fire pit. Organic bath products, USB battery packs, boxed lunches, and s’mores are also available. When they’re not relaxing in their tree house, guests can enjoy one of Under Canvas Glacier’s complimentary activities or explore the spectacular setting.

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Châteaux Dans Les Arbres

Part of the Estate of Puybéton, a former feudal stronghold with a stone castle, this resort offers a quirky take on the tree house concept. Since the ydraw inspiration from the site’s history, the six tree houses for rent feature a castle-like design. Hence, the name Châteaux Dans Les Arbres, which translates to Castles in the Trees. Set in the picturesque landscape of Périgord, each wood tree house has meadow and forest views. Depending on their design, the cabins can accommodate from two to six people, and offer all the modern comforts one would expect from a hotel room. Apart from WiFi and iPod and iPhone docking stations, the tree houses also have air conditioning, central heating, and fireplaces.

Guests can also order delicious dishes (including from a Michelin-starred chef during certain months) and a bottle of fine wine. A heated infinity pool, private hot tub, tennis, boules pitch, bicycles, and a treetop terrace are some of the amenities and activities offered by the resort.

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Cabanes Des Grands Lacs

Nestled in a forest setting in the Chassey-lès-Montbozon commune in eastern France, the Cabanes Des Grands Lacs retreat aims to provide an eco-friendly but cozy solution to live in the middle of nature. The tree houses for rent have a minimal impact and can also be easily dismantled after fifteen years without leaving a mark on the trees. They feature Douglas fir and larch wood that don’t require treatments and don’t have any nails or screws. To lower costs, the cabins don’t have water or electricity, but the retreat offers water bottles to guests.

The tree houses range from more compact cabins for two people to family cabins; both options come with or without access to a Nordic-style spa. The site offers access to a swimming pool and a swimming lake. Guests can also hike, cycle, or book a canoe or kayak experience. Before leaving, they can also buy delicious local treats sourced from the Franche-Comté region.

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Playa Viva

Built among lush palm trees in Juluchuca, north of Acapulco in Mexico, the Playa Viva Treehouse offers uninterrupted ocean views. The cabin has a sustainable build and blends into the landscape perfectly thanks to the use of natural materials and the tube-shaped design. Suspended six feet above ground, the tree house is easily accessible via a staircase and features different areas. There’s a king size bed, a day bed, a private bathroom, and lounge area with a built-in hammock. The tree house rates include farm to table meals as well as beach yoga classes and access to WiFi in the common areas. Tours that immerse guests into the local communities along the coast for an authentic Mexican experience or provide an opportunity to discover the wild beauty of natural landscapes are also available.

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Hapuku Lodge + Tree Houses

Modern but built with natural and local materials, the Hapuku Lodge + Tree Houses retreat is a must-visit place for anyone who wants to get inspired by the beauty of the New Zealand. Located on a deer breeding farm on the South Island, the tree houses sit at the base of the Kaikoura mountains in a native Kanuka grove. These tree houses for rent have a contemporary design and also feature local woods and copper shingles with modern interiors that combine bright colors and furniture made by local artisans. Guests can choose between the one-bedroom or the two-bedroom tree houses; all of them provide great views of the Kaikoura mountain range and the Pacific Ocean. A soaking tub, balcony, fireplace, and free WiFi are also included.

Guests can either hire mountain bikes to explore the area, book surfing lessons, swim in the pool or the ocean, help pick olives, watch the harvesting of the deer antlers on the farm, or book a marine safari.

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