BCW Collective

Ticino , Switzerland

Chiara Tessarollo, Skye Sturm, and Facundo Arboit started collaborating in 2019, participating in various international architecture and urban planning competitions. Together they founded BCW collective with the vision of forming a global network of architects and designers focused on sustainability, keeping nature and the human being as central themes in the design. The team has a combination of experience, skills, and global perspectives. Chiara, from Italy, has been working in Switzerland since 2010 and has gained extensive experience in design and construction management, in particular for details and the use of materials. Skye, currently working in the Italian Alps, has spent over ten years designing community architecture in extreme environments such as the Arctic and subarctic of Alaska and the remote islands of Scotland. Facundo, from Argentina, has worked for a decade in the fields of sustainable ar chitecture and social/cultural use in Denmark and Norway.

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