Beppe Brancato

Milano, Italy

Beppe Brancato’s personality traits, paired with his multidisciplinary perspective and inexhaustible curiosity, spell a professional trajectory with notable worldwide collaborations, in the design sector and not only. Brancato’s work epitomizes a synergy between technique and emotion, where every subject, and every object, is captured from myriad points of view, demonstrating his mastery in making real the unreal and constructed. His photos explore concepts and compositional perspectives, translating the interior and exterior realm in a uniquely attractive and engaging manner, where the components harmoniously co-exist and relate to each other. For Brancato, imperfections are synonyms of reality, and beauty is not a conventional notion but rather a mystery to unravel and decode. Light, and shadow, protagonists in his work, enliven and elevate his subjects while generating new visions and creating new worlds. Of intrinsic fascination, light and consequently its alter ego, shadow, attract and oppose in a directly proportional way, becoming a sine qua non of photography.

Creative Field

Architecture Photographers

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