A sculptural chair that references Zaha Hadid’s signature style.

Organized to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Michigan’s MSU Broad Art Museum, designed by the late Zaha Hadid who passed away in 2016, the “Zaha Hadid Design: Untold” exhibition presents a series of new furniture designs and prototypes created by the renowned studio. Among them, the first collaboration between Zaha Hadid Design and Karimoku Furniture, Seyun.

“We are thrilled about the partnership with Zaha Hadid, a world leader in architecture and design and a brand with a pioneering and innovative philosophy that we strongly admire and feel drawn towards, always pushing the limits of the possible whilst at the same time honoring quality and artisanship”, says Hiroshi Kato, Executive Vice President of Karimoku Furniture. Named Seyun, the chair was designed by Zaha Hadid Design and crafted from wood by Karimoku’s team of master artisans. “This collaboration combines ZHD’s unmistakable design language and inventive approach to materiality with Karimoku’s uncompromising quality standards, achieved through the implementation of the most advanced technologies and manufacturing processes”, says Woody Yao, director at Zaha Hadid Design.

Organic shapes carved from wood and then combined in an elegant silhouette.

Seyun explores the signature aesthetic of the iconic architect and designer; it blends both pioneering design and state of the art woodworking techniques. And the result? A beautiful chair that looks like a wood sculpture. The design references the effortless elegance, dynamic lines and organic forms that defined Zaha Hadid’s sense of aesthetic. Drawing a parallel between the solidity of wood and the lightness of the curved, flowing shapes, the chair features several asymmetrical pieces. These elegant parts come together in an artistic composition.

The Seyun dining chair comes to life through traditional and modern techniques, but also features a hand-finished surface. This is the first design in a larger series. Ultimately, the Seyun collection will comprise other chairs along with armchairs and tables. The Zaha Hadid Design: Untold exhibition opens on September 10 and runs until February 12, 2023. Apart from furniture and objects, the exhibition also includes Hadid’s early paintings and prototypes for furniture and jewelry. Photography © Zaha Hadid Design, Karimoku Furniture.

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