Dimitri Felouzis Architect

Marseille, France

Dimitri Felouzis, an HMONP-certified architect and graduate of ENSA Paris-Malaquais, specializes in domestic-scale projects, ranging from unique furniture pieces to the renovation of historic buildings and the design of new homes in harmony with their surroundings. His practice gives prominence to local resources and vernacular expertise, acknowledging their intrinsic value. Through this lens, Dimitri explores the ecological dimension of materials to shape daily living spaces in a way that resonates intimately with their occupants. His studio provides comprehensive services, including the development of individual and collective housing projects, urban feasibility studies, construction permits, technical drawings, contractor consultations, project supervision, and support for self-building initiatives. Adopting a pragmatic and efficient approach, each project evolves through discussions, on-site research, and collaborative efforts with future inhabitants and construction teams. Dimitri's architecture is designed for enduring habitation, adaptable to seasonal changes, life's evolving needs, and offering an inspiring, poetic backdrop for everyday life.

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