Paris, France

Faire Architecture is a creative agency focused on rebuilding connections and strengthening bonds within our fragile and fragmented society. Founded by Federico Diodato and Nikhil Calas, the agency is committed to transforming our environment through architecture, urban planning, and design.Emphasizing hands-on work, Faire's approach involves practical construction, prototype development, and attention to craftsmanship, as these are invaluable sources of learning. The blend of technical expertise and design knowledge constantly evolves the way they draw and manufacture. Moreover, Faire is dedicated to research, analysis, and investigation across various fields of architectural practice. The agency promotes cooperation to transcend boundaries and establish connections between places and contexts, across disciplines and industries, as well as with residents and clients. Faire encourages community-building and engagement in constructing a convivial society. Operating at the intersection of an architecture firm, a university, and a woodworking workshop, Faire combines practice, teaching, and research. Until June 2020, Brieuc Le Coz was also a founding partner of the agency, contributing to many projects.  Together, Federico, Nikhil, and their team continue to push the boundaries of architecture and design, creating spaces that foster connection, collaboration, and community.

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