Filippo Poli

Barcelona, Spain

Filippo Poli is a seasoned photographer with an architectural background, lending him a unique perspective on capturing the built environment and landscapes. Educated in architecture at esteemed institutions in Milan, Sevilla, and Barcelona, Filippo initially worked as an architect before fully immersing himself in photography in 2008. His portfolio has since become a visual diary of architecture and landscapes, reflecting a deep-rooted passion for design, travel, and storytelling. Filippo's work is not confined to personal pursuits; he collaborates with architectural firms and corporations on bespoke projects, from book publications to exhibitions. Notable highlights of his career include a photography commission for the 2015 Milan Expo and participation in ARCO Madrid in 2018. Through the lens, Filippo Poli continues to offer a nuanced view of architectural spaces, creating visuals that engage both the mind and the eye.

Creative Field

Architecture Photographers

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