Open AD

Riga, Latvia

Open AD is a design and architecture studio that has a distinctive approach. They firmly believe that exceptional outcomes are only achievable when you step outside the box, ignore traditional definitions and standards, and challenge expectations. The team is happiest when taking on projects that require advanced skills and experience, enabling them to showcase their creativity and experiment with innovative ideas. They strive to stay engaged in constant exploration and growth. The studio has a diverse portfolio that includes projects in Riga, Berlin, Barcelona, Dubai, and other locations. Open AD has worked with both commercial and private clients from a variety of backgrounds, building cultural awareness and sensitivity along the way. Through their journey, they have developed and established preferred approaches, methods, and philosophies such as their profound appreciation for craftsmanship and their focus on long-term thinking over trendy, short-term solutions. At Open AD, they believe in the principle of form following function while also considering feelings. They aim to deliver contemporary and contextual experiential architecture by approaching architecture, interior design, and landscaping as a holistic discipline. For each project, they take into account all three aspects and collaborate with other practices to combine specific skills when needed.

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