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Las Vegas, NV United States

Phatsimo is taking on the polymath philosophy for your visual story telling needs. With experience ranging from engineering to concierge, I am always looking for a simple and elegant perspective! Phatsimo Lucky Wenzel, originally from the southern African nation of Botswana, has been living and working as a photographer in Las Vegas since the late '90s. From day one, always an observer, inspired by the emotional properties of light and openness of the desert, Phatsimo couldn’t help but see beauty all around him. He began to capture images of the southwest’s great outdoors (and indoors), and share them. In short time, with The Strip at his backdoor, he naturally transitioned into the event and cocktail world, photographing the alluring magic and fuel of Vegas. No stranger to conversation, a bit of a social butterfly, Phatsimo took to shooting lifestyle work like a fish takes to water, though his love of the sun and wide open spaces continue to heavily influence—and remain present within—his imagery. In his native language (Tswana), his first name Phatsimo means "to shine like the sun." He typically goes by his middle name Lucky. For most, it’s easier to pronounce and harder to forget. If you choose to honor his Botswana heritage and call him by his first name, the “h” in Phatsimo is silent, but he’ll smile just the same if he hears it. Then, he’ll go right back to shooting.

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