Dominic Di Tommaso In Bruges

Exploring the architecture of a medieval city from another point of view.

Inspired by the Triënnale Brugge 2018 theme of ‘Liquid City’, Australian freerunner Dominic Di Tommaso took part in a special project. “What Tourists Don’t See” showcases the striking beauty of the medieval city of Bruges from a fresh perspective. Through a short film and series of photographs, the team wrote a love letter to this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Running across gabled roofs, jumping from one architectural gem to another, Di Tommaso takes the viewer on an unforgettable adventure. It’s a sight the millions of tourists who flock to the city every year don’t get to see.

While introducing some picture-perfect city views, the world-class freerunner establishes an almost intimate relationship with the medieval architecture he explores. Pushing his own limits, never stopping, always going one jump farther. A perfect way to honor the theme of the Bruges Triennale, as Liquid City promotes positive urban and social change. Created in a collaboration with the city of Bruges, the project took two years to complete. Filming took three days, but involved unsurprisingly complex procedures. Apart from Dominic Di Tommaso, the team also included dozens of crew and extras, a stunt coordinator, three cameras, and two drones. The film covers a distance of 23 km and 16 locations, reaching a height of 61 m with the Belfry bell tower. Photographs© Red Bull.

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