An eco-friendly doorstop made from recycled shoe soles.

Finnish brand Pidät makes everyday objects and home accessories following the principles of slow design. As the company explains, the word “pidät” means “you hold”, “you like”, and “you keep” in Finnish. Plus, Pidät focuses on sustainability and on producing items that don’t harm the planet. Their new STOP doorstop is a great example. Designed by Oregon-based firm Studio Gorm, this product showcases a playful approach to form and materials. And it’s also green. Made from recycled shoe soles, STOP comes to life through a circular economy system. Pidät collaborates with a sole maker to manufacture each doorstop.

The doorstop has a synthetic rubber body made from 60% recycled shoe soles. The recycled sole flakes not only make the design environmentally friendly, but they also add a beautiful texture to the product. Likewise, the rope is eco-friendly. Made from 100% recycled, post-consumer waster plastic bottles, it’s also dyed through a water-free process. Both materials come with the Global Recycled Standard 4.0 (GRS) certification. Created with convenience in mind, STOP has a conical shape to provide an easy way to keep a door open, from any side. Every doorstop comes with a reusable cotton bag, printed with all the information about the product. As a result, Pidät can eliminate excess packaging, including a label, and reduce the product’s carbon footprint further. Photography © Suvi Ruotsi.

Pidät STOP Doorstop

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