Two new designs that join a flagship furniture collection.

Mexican furniture company Dórica uses natural materials like wood and marble to make timeless products that balance abstract concepts with minimalist design and traditional craftsmanship. Now, company co-founder and creative director Sebastián Ángeles has introduced two new designs that join Dórica’s flagship collection, Sensato. The range explores the ways natural materials and contemporary design can enhance the sensory experience of an object. Likewise, the Balance Chair and the Sensato Table follow the same concept. The refined designs feature sinuous forms and elegant lines that highlight the beauty and textures of wood and stone.

While designed to bring beauty into living spaces, the furniture line also optimizes comfort with ergonomic silhouettes. This becomes evident in the Balance Chair that features a softly inclined seat and a curved backrest that hugs the user. The front and back legs create a triangle shape on either side of the chair, providing total stability to the light design. Likewise, the Sensato table boasts subtle curves and rounded corners. This design combines solid wood legs with either a marble or granite top. Large enough to seat up to six people in comfort, the table is ideal for family dining rooms. Both the chair and the table come in tzalam or beech wood versions. Crafted by hand in Mexico by the company’s master artisans, they are designed to last a lifetime. Photography© Dórica.

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