Faye Toogood’s ceramics collection titled Dough is the latest addition to the rich and diverse repertoire of designs by the famous British designer. The witty name refers to the common ground of kneading in both baking and stoneware. In the last decade, Faye Toogood has earned the name of an ever-changing designer that never ceases to amaze with her original designs. Creating across a diverse range of disciplines, encompassing fashion, furniture design, homewares, and sculpture, Toogood’s work is characterized by minimalism, a sculptural approach to the art of design, and the bold referentiality of an art historian. Moving between the styles is what drives her. Besides, all of Toogood’s designs are hand-made by small-scale traditional artisans intended for conscious consumers.

The Dough stoneware collection is no exception. All the models are hand-shaped in Toogood studio in East London and glazed by artisans in Portugal in two matte glazes: cream and charcoal. The collection comprises four essential pieces: a mug, a water jug, a bowl, and a platter, with two additional decorative pieces – a vase and a centerpiece – to complement the line. With their simple and strikingly rounded forms, subtle contours, and natural colors, the pieces celebrate the raw qualities of traditional ceramics evoking feelings of warmth and comfort, and the approachability of minimalist modern aesthetics. The soft, tactile, and comfortable sensibility of the collection paired with neutral tones is a continuation of an idea introduced with Toogood’s Puffy Lounge Chair in 2020. The latest line is a thoughtful and tasteful marriage of contemporary functionality and traditional craftsmanship, which offers a unique sensory experience and a homely feeling to the consumer. It is a true feel-good collection meant to bring joy to everyone’s home.

To complete the stoneware line, the Toogood studio plans to release the Plough collection: two hand-woven eco-friendly merino wool throws, emphasizing the idea of comfort through both collections.

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Asja Nastasijevic is an Art Historian and Art Writer living in Paris, France. She holds a MA degree in Art History from the University of Belgrade and an MA in Art & Cultural Management from the University of Turin. Over the years, she worked as an art gallery assistant, art writer, editor, and content creator for various art-related and design-related magazines, galleries, and online marketplaces. When not writing and researching, she leads art history tours in Paris and the Louvre. Her motto is: "Put all you are into the smallest thing you do." It is a verse from a poem by one of her favorite poets Fernando Pessoa.

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