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Eastwind Hotel & Bar

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A cozy upstate New York retreat in the Catskill Mountains.

The brainchild of a group of friends with experience in the hospitality, fashion, and food & drink industries, the Eastwind Hotel & Bar opens its doors to guests on June 1, 2018. With the goal of providing a “Scandinavian home away from home getaway experience”, this upstate New York retreat features a welcoming decor that brings together Nordic design cues and mid-century modern influences as well as a strong rustic feel. Even before stepping inside the hotel, guests have plenty to admire. The location is stunning. Nestled in the Catskill Mountains in the quiet mountain town of Windham, the retreat offers the perfect solution to unwind in the middle of nature and forget – for a few days, at least – about fast-paced urban living.

Forests, serene trails, and mountains surround the upstate New York retreat. A friendly vibe permeates the entire complex. No wonder, considering that the owners along with their families and friends renovated the 1920s bunk house to create Eastwind. From the building plans to picking the room linens and selecting decorative items, everything is carefully chosen and thought-through. Guests can stay in one of the 19 accommodations. These range from compact cabins with BBQ kits and gorgeous views to large suites for up to four people. A studio with a writer’s desk and a typewriter provides the perfect opportunity to get creative in a serene atmosphere.

Throughout the hotel, the decor features a blend of Scandinavian and rustic design with mid-century modern touches also present. The quirky interiors include hand-woven Turkish rugs, elegant furniture, and creative accents along with splashes of color. In the common areas, guests have access to a sauna, swimming pool, and a hot tub as well as a deck area and fire pit. Of course, the surrounding nature also beckons. The hotel offers hiking shoes, backpacks, and other essentials to make an adventure out of beautiful days, all year round. Photographs© Eastwind Hotel & Bar.

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