Sustainability and respect for nature meet in minimalist furniture designs.

In 2013, industrial designer Eva Natasa established her eponymous design brand in Bali. She had studied interior design in England and completed a master’s degree in industrial design in Milan before working with an interior design firm in Indonesia. Soon, she realized she preferred to make smaller objects and founded Eva Natasa™. The company follows sustainable design principles every step of the way and also puts a focus on respecting nature and the environment. Furthermore, Eva Natasa values the concept of mindfulness and the idea that thoughtfully designed furniture can enhance the users’ well-being.

Working with skilled craftspeople in Indonesia, the company produces solid wood furniture that celebrates the beauty and character of the natural material. Each piece of furniture goes through a process of continuous prototyping to ensure a perfect balance between ergonomics, build, and design. Assembled and finished individually, the furniture showcases the skill of talented artisans as well as the characteristics of the timber.

The brand’s first collection, Lula, exemplifies all of this perfectly. Minimalist and timeless, the pieces of furniture highlight the elegance and character of teak wood. A highly durable material, teak contains natural oils that give it resistance to pests. These oils also allow the company to finish each product without the use of varnish. The Lula range comprises a chair, stool, high stool, bench, dining table, and coffee table. Apart from the bench, all of these products come in several variants. For example, the stools come either in simple teak wood or with a teak top and painted mahogany legs. All of the products come to life in Indonesia through a blend of traditional woodworking techniques and precision technology. Locally sourced and certified wood also ensures the sustainability of the designs. Photography© Eva Natasa.

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