A furniture and interior design company that celebrates Norwegian design heritage.

Founded by Annette Hoff, along with her partner Christoffer Kverneland and her sister Sunniva Hoff, Fram Oslo aims to make Norwegian design better known across the world. Every product made by the company is a love letter to Norway. Naturally, the brand’s name has a strong connection to the country. “Fram” refers to the world’s most famous polar ship, used between 1893 and 1912 by explorers Fridtjof Nansen and Roald Amundsen, the first man to reach the South Pole. The word “fram” also means “forward” in Norwegian and refers to a spirit of adventure and exploration. Here, it represents the company’s mission to bring Norwegian traditions and contemporary design into more homes around the world.

Apart from working with established and young designers, Fram Oslo also introduces their designs to various international markets, providing support to designers and connecting them to producers. The brand uses sustainable manufacturing methods and local materials to make modern, functional items meant to last for generations. The Fram Oslo collections draw inspiration from Norwegian design principles and the country’s cultural heritage natural landscapes, and traditional craftsmanship.

For the Bunad collection, the brand collaborated with designer Andreas Engesvik. The range of throw blankets and pillows pays homage to the traditional Norwegian folk costume, named “bunad.” Representing the costumes from various areas of Norway, the line recreates the specific colors of the folk costumes in pure new wool and contemporary patterns.

Made by the Grinakervev weaving company, each blanket and pillow is crafted according to Norwegian design and weaving traditions. All of the products from the Bunad series feature a modern zigzag pattern. Bright colors, bold contrasts, or delicate neutral hues reproduce the traditional bunad colors from Oslo, Trøndelag, Nordland, or Bergen, to name a few. The fine, pure new wool yarns give the Bunad blankets and pillows a soft, delicate feel. All of the items in this collection are elegant and comfortable at the same time. They enhance both the style and the level of comfort of living spaces.

The Norwegian Forest collection looks to the country’s woodlands for inspiration. Design duo Vera & Kyte have drawn inspiration from their own walks through forests to design the range. The towels feature bark or pine needle patterns. Their four colors represent the seasons and the way the natural landscapes change over the course of a year. Blue stands for winter, snow, and ice, while green represents the re-birth of spring. Yellow brings the brightness of the summer sun and a meadow’s vibrant flowers to mind, while red represents fall and the forest’s rusty hues.

The Haldar collection celebrates yet another aspect of Norwegian design, culture, and tradition. The name is a play on Norwegian words that refer to the act of holding onto things. Designed by Andreas Bergsaker, the line references the classic towel holders. More specifically, it draws inspiration from the old towel holder that has remained in the designer’s family for generations. A common item in kitchens across the country, the traditional towel holder’s purpose was to hold a beautifully decorated towel, with the everyday towels kept hidden. In this range, the designer has simplified the form of the traditional object. Minimalist and practical at the same time, the Holder products have a flexible mounting system that allows installation at any angle, in various compositions. Made of solid oak, the line features versatile colors like black and light brown.

All of the Fram Oslo collections are crafted in Norway, by companies with a long textile, weaving, or woodworking manufacturing traditions. Finally, Fram Oslo also continues the country’s long tradition of charitable work. The company donates 10% of profits to UNICEF programs. Discover the Fram Oslo Bunad collection in the Gessato Design Shop. Photographs© Fram Oslo.

Fram Oslo

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