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Introducing Frank August

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A bourbon brand that aims to write a new chapter in the story of the modern American spirit.

No other alcoholic drink is more quintessentially American than bourbon. While bourbon’s story is mainly connected to the past and its origins, new brand Frank August aims to change the narrative. Inspired by the potential of this spirit, the brand focuses on writing a new chapter in the history of bourbon, one that pays tribute to the past while looking forward to the future. Just like a good American whiskey has a multi-layered profile, the company’s name combines two words with more than one meaning. “Frank” can be a name but also refers to the state of being honest and open. “August” may allude to the product’s noble taste, high-craft spirit and radiant character. Blending tradition and modernity, Frank August distills, ages, and bottles its bourbon whiskey in Kentucky.

The brand makes the bourbon in small batches, with only 10-15 barrels produced at a time. The Frank August Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon has a warm auburn color. When swirled around a whiskey glass, it leaves full trails that coat the glass surface. As for the taste notes, they’re rich and complex. The nose opens with hints of caramel and vanilla, as well as warm oak and spices. Following the sweeter nose notes, the palate introduces cinnamon and rye bread spices along with hints of brown and malt sugar. As for the finish, a sip of this bourbon ends on a high note of vanilla, baking spices, and oak. The brand packages the whiskey in 750 ml bottles that are both minimalist and stylish. The bottles have a flat circular top and also come with a removable label. Photographs © Frank August.

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