For thousands of years, saunas have been a staple in Finland and have gained popularity worldwide due to their numerous health benefits. In recent times, companies have started offering solutions to incorporate the traditional sauna experience into living spaces. Our collection of outdoor sauna designs includes modular and prefab builds, allowing users to customize features and finishes. Focusing on both well-being and style, these saunas cater to various preferences, from traditional to modern, and offer private or nature-immersive experiences. Ideal for gardens, pool areas, or natural landscapes, outdoor saunas create a relaxing sanctuary. Before we discuss our selection, let’s address common questions people have before investing in a home sauna.

Is an outdoor sauna a worthwhile investment?

If space permits, a backyard sauna can be an excellent addition to create a relaxing area without occupying indoor space. With numerous designs available, even those with smaller gardens or outdoor living spaces can find the perfect outdoor sauna. Choices range from compact, almost heaven cedar barrel saunas to rectangular volumes with efficient layouts, minimizing their footprint without sacrificing comfort.

What is the cost of an outdoor sauna?

Depending on size, materials, and features, a high-quality outdoor sauna kit can cost between $3,000 and $6,000 on average. Custom designs with extras, like a large deck area, integrated LED lighting, or Bluetooth audio systems, will naturally increase the price. Conversely, a DIY project, a person barrel sauna, or a basic sauna would reduce costs.

Are outdoor saunas expensive to operate?

Sauna use costs can vary, depending on factors like size, insulation, and heater type. Larger saunas require more energy to heat, increasing costs. Wood-burning saunas are initially more affordable than electric ones but have ongoing fuel expenses. Efficient electric heaters paired with sustainable, eco-friendly designs can make a sauna session cost only a few dollars.

Do outdoor saunas function in winter?

Yes, outdoor saunas like the cedar barrel sauna or cabin sauna can work during winter. Extra maintenance, such as snow or ice removal, may be necessary. Traditional saunas with wood-burning stoves might take longer to reach the desired temperature, depending on insulation levels.

What is the best outdoor sauna?

The ideal outdoor sauna depends on personal preferences. Traditional design enthusiasts may prefer a wood-burning sauna, while those seeking modern comforts might choose an electric heater sauna with audio systems and lighting. Beautiful, eco-friendly saunas cater to both comfort and environmental responsibility.

How long does outdoor sauna installation take?

Installation times for outdoor saunas vary from hours to weeks. Sauna kits are designed for convenience and can be assembled in a day. Pre-built custom saunas are also easy to assemble. Barrel saunas may take only a few hours, while larger buildings with multiple rooms could require several weeks, depending on amenities and features.

How do you clean an outdoor sauna?

Sauna maintenance is similar to hot tub care. Showering before sauna use minimizes cleaning. After use, leave the door and/or windows open to let moisture evaporate from the cabin and wood. Once dry, vacuum if needed and use a damp cloth to clean surfaces. For stubborn stains, use a dry brush and specialized sauna cleaning products.
The variety of outdoor saunas available include indoor saunas, outdoor barrel saunas, outdoor infrared saunas, and two-person saunas, among other types of saunas. They offer dry heat and may come with sauna accessories like stainless steel heaters or shingle roofs.


Outdoor Sauna Designs To Create A Relaxing Garden Space - Gessato

Jōki Elements Sauna

A beautiful blend of wellness, sustainable design, and architectural innovation.

Developed in a partnership between architecture and design firm Koto Design and cabin makers and designers Out of the Valley, the Jōki Elements Sauna is a beautiful and timeless. The modular cabin is minimalist, giving a nod to both Scandinavian and Japanese design principles. Jōki  (“steam” in Japanese) allows 4-6 people to relax in a tranquil space. The sauna features a timber build with a dark exterior and a large aperture that frames the surroundings. Two-tier benches provide access to a greater thermal range. Outside, a wrap-around deck boasts a large roof overhang at the back. Here, users can relax, dress, and store logs. The Jōki Elements Sauna comes with either a wood-fired stove or electrical heating. Finally, each outdoor sauna is carefully crafted with responsibly sourced timber and a natural insulation that allows the materials to breathe.

Outdoor Sauna Designs To Create A Relaxing Garden Space - Gessato

Sauna Tuula Plus

A DIY project with a low carbon footprint.

Designed by architect Wojciech Kumik for his company Home Made Sauna, the Sauna Tuula Plus is perfect for DIY aficionados. Based on the original Tuula design, this sauna has a slightly larger size, with a higher ceiling and an extra seating level. Similarly to the original, this sauna has a classic double pitched roof and charred timber cladding. A large opening frames the views. The larger changing room allows the user to add a lounge chair or shelving. Like all Home Made Sauna products, the Sauna Tuula Plus comes with all the necessary plans and details, which include framing drawings for the walls, a detailed project worksheet, and a complete building guide. Cost efficient and practical, this outdoor sauna option also has a lower carbon footprint.

Iglusauna outdoor sauna


A design inspired by traditional wood roof shingles.

Based in Estonia, Iglucraft draws inspiration from the principles of slow living and mindfulness to make small cabins and outdoor saunas. The designs put the focus on the users’ well-being, offering a space where they can relax away from the fast-paced rhythm of modern living. The company also draws inspiration from traditional crafting techniques. The Iglusauna is a great example. Like the Igluhut, it’s made with a distinctive wood shingle exterior and a rounded silhouette. Customers can choose between single saunas that can accommodate 4 people, double saunas with a changing room and space for 6 people, and the triple saunas that also have a washing room. Apart from selecting the exterior and interior finishes, customers can also pick between a wood-fired or an electric heater.

System S outdoor sauna

System S

A steel and cedar wood freestanding sauna.

Made by The Backcountry Hut Company, the compact but spacious System S takes inspiration from the sauna culture of Nordic countries. This outdoor, freestanding sauna features a painted steel shell that can withstand even extreme weather conditions and keep the interior cozy. Inside, the company used sustainably sourced cedar wood to line the sauna cabin. Two-level benches provide plenty of room for six people. The sauna comes with a Tylo Sense Pure 8 heating system and a double-glazed window that opens the interior to the surrounding landscape. Finally, System S arrives fully assembled and ready to connect to an existing electrical system.


Lumipod outdoor sauna

Lumipod Sauna

A prefab sauna with a curved glass wall.

Designed by French company Lumicene, the Lumipod Sauna features a similar design to the Lumipod cabin. The sauna has the same cylindrical shape but a more compact size. Made from pine wood and steel, this barrel sauna boasts a curved glass wall that frames the surroundings. Inside, warm alder wood covers the surfaces of the two benches and walls. Integrated bench lighting brightens the space while anthracite tile flooring completes the design. The sauna comes with a Tylö electric stove and various accessories. Apart from materials and finishes, customers can also order a sauna with a roof terrace.


Aire outdoor sauna

Aire Sauna

A high-end sauna designed to maximize the connection to nature.

Wales-based Heartwood Saunas aims to bring the outdoor sauna culture of the Nordic countries to the UK. The company’s Aire Sauna series combines elegant design with traditional craftsmanship and high-end features. Made from cedar wood, these saunas boast a dark stained finish on the exterior that adds contrast to the warmth of the interiors. Angled glazing maximizes the access to views, immersing the users into nature. Other features include two-tier benches, wool insulation, and LED lighting in the sauna and on the porch. Customers also have the option to add a built-in outdoor shower. The Aire series comprises two designs; one seats 6 people while the other accommodates up to ten people and also features a changing cabin.


Outdoor Luxury Bio-Sauna

Outdoor Luxury Bio-Sauna

A modern sauna with an integrated Bluetooth speaker.

A family-run business, Alpha Wellness Sensations has been operating in Belgium since 1934. The company is a leading name in the wellness industry and has a wealth of experience producing saunas, cabins, steam rooms, and other similar products. Bespoke features and quality, sustainable materials are also a crucial part of the brand’s offerings. Their Outdoor Luxury Bio-Sauna is modern and packed with high-end features. Made with Canadian cedar wood cladding, it has a simple rectangular shape and seamless front glazing. The benches feature LED lighting and also have comfortable headrests. Other features for the standard model include a speaker with Bluetooth connectivity, ceramic tiles with a wood pattern design, sauna control unit, and an Alpha PRO XL stove.


Outdoor Sauna Rhombus

Outdoor Sauna Rhombus

A completely bespoke sauna design.

German Corso Sauna Manufaktur was founded in 1968. When new owners, brothers Max and Benedictus Lingens, took over in 2012, the company started focusing on bespoke saunas made to order. The Corso Outdoor Sauna Rhombus takes its name after the Rhombus profile wood that boasts vertical gaps in a timeless, elegant design. Following the company’s custom sauna policy, each module is crafted to order according to the customers’ specifications. They can choose the size of the sauna, the interior layout, and the equipment as well as the heater type, from Finnish-style or Bio saunas. And if they run out of ideas, customers can also browse through the company’s Inspirations gallery, where they can pick anything they like to integrate into their own garden sauna.


Forest outdoor sauna

Forest Sauna

A Corten steel and wood outdoor sauna.

Established in 1980 in the heart of the Abano-Montegrotto region, Stenal is a family-run company with over 35 years of experience in sauna design and construction. The company has its own lab where specialists develop custom techniques to enhance the skillfully crafted saunas with modern features. The Stenal Forest Sauna has a simple gabled roof design reminiscent of barns. Unlike most saunas, it boasts a Corten steel envelope. Wooden surfaces give warmth to the interior that features an anteroom with hangers for clothes and comfortable benches. Glass doors provide access to views of the surrounding landscape. Optional features range from LED lighting and a touch control unit to a Bluetooth audio system.


Nature outdoor sauna

Nature Sauna

A sauna designed to blend into nature

Founded in 1975, Starpool is an Italian company that specializes in saunas, swimming pools, and various wellness products and accessories. Like its name suggests, the Nature Sauna is specially made to become a part of nature. Designed by aledolci&co, it features exposed wood cladding and brushed copper that will both react differently to the elements and develop distinct textures and colors. The company offers customers the option to choose between light thermo-treated fir wood or black fir cladding. On the front, the tempered glass doors open the interior to the landscape, while on the side, wooden slats filter the light. This outdoor sauna comes with an electric stove and features white LED lighting.


Cube outdoor sauna

Sauna Cube

A cube-shaped sauna with a modular build.

Based in Vicenza, Lifeclass is an Italian brand that offers products and services in the wellness industry. The company’s sauna designs include Finnish-style products as well as infrared saunas. The Sauna Cube is part of the former category. Modern and compact, it has a cube-like silhouette with rounded corners. The CNC-machined parts and modular construction allow the easy assembly and installation of each outdoor sauna. While the exterior can feature light brown, dark brown, white, or black finishes, the interior is made with pale spruce planks or optional Canadian hemlock or European aspen. The Abachi wood benches and headrests feature LED lighting. Customers can also add an optional all-glass front window for this design as well as a front module that can act as a changing room or lounge area.


Talo Outdoor Sauna

Talo Outdoor Sauna

A garden sauna with a terrace.

German company KLAFS has been making saunas since 1952. The brand designs and manufactures saunas and spas for both private and commercial clients. Their Talo Outdoor Sauna is specially designed for gardens and features larch wood cladding in a light color and a built-in rainwater drainage system. A terrace with optional roofing offers a great solution to create an outdoor lounge space. Inside, Scandinavian spruce covers the walls and ceiling. This sauna has an anteroom with a bench and hangers for clothing and towels. A glass door offers access to views of the surrounding spaces. Customers can select the size of the sauna and the external cladding as well as the type of heater and sauna control system. Finally, a custom app allows the user to adjust the temperature and humidity with a phone or even start the sauna on the way home.


Omnia outdoor sauna


An award-winning sauna made from chrome steel, slate, and wood.

Founded in 1974, Küng greatly contributed to saunas’ rise in popularity in Switzerland. Unlike many other brands at the time, the company put a focus on good design with the aim to transform these wellness spaces into the heart of a home or the centerpiece of a garden. The award-winning Omnia sauna represents Küng’s approach to design perfectly. Subtly futuristic, this outdoor sauna scores top marks on style. It features rounded corners and a chrome steel envelope with pine wood interiors and a natural slate shower cubicle. Features include LED lights and a Biosa® tower heater as well as a touch-screen sauna control system. A frameless glass front completes the refined design and offers uninterrupted views of the surroundings at the same time. Omnia has received the German Design Award 2018.


Lushna outdoor sauna

Lushna Sauna

An A-frame design with a glazed façade.

Glamping specialists Lushna from Ljubljana, Slovenia, aim to bring people close to nature. The team is made up of outdoor enthusiasts, architects, wood builders, and hospitality experts, all working together to design and make natural resorts and eco cabins that connect inhabitants to natural landscapes. The Lushna Sauna does the same thing, while also providing a perfect solution to relax and enjoy a Finnish sauna experience – along with its therapeutic benefits. Designed with a classic A-frame reminiscent of mountain chalets, the sauna is crafted from solid wood with a larch roof and an eco wood fiber insulation. Through the triangular window, one can easily admire the setting. The interior features two benches and an elegant electric heater that can be adapted for a Finnish or an IR sauna system.


Sauna box

Sauna Box

A modern sauna built inside a shipping container.

Founded in 2009 in Toronto, Castor Design makes award-wining furniture, lighting, and accessories that push the limits of materials, challenge established concepts, and also blend art and design. The Sauna Box showcases the company’s creative approach to design. Built inside a shipping container, the sauna features a Corten steel exterior and a Western red cedar wood interior. The unit is completely self-contained and has a wood-fired stove and solar power. The unconventional design includes an iPod stereo and a guitar hook-up as well as a magnetic truck light and bronze antlers. Castor Design can customize each Sauna Box to suit the clients’ needs and the requirements of the site.


Natura outdoor sauna


A modular sauna design.

Estonian company Thermory launched Auroom as a brand for ready-made, customizable saunas. Named Natura, this outdoor sauna provides an oasis of tranquility in any urban or natural environment. The simple design combines clean lines with the beauty of solid wood. Made with both quality and style in mind, the sauna features thermo-treated Nordic spruce cladding completed with a dark paint. Beyond the reddish-brown hues of the terrace, however, there’s a light wood interior with comfortable seating and LED lighting. The large front window connects the sauna to its surroundings. Conveniently modular, the design allows customers to either enlarge the standard unit with a lounge module or to connect two saunas with a terrace.


Luna Garden Sauna

Luna Garden Sauna

An elegantly simple outdoor sauna.

A brand of German company TPI GmbH, Infraworld makes cabins and saunas with infrared heating systems. The Luna Garden Sauna features a simple, versatile design that looks great in any garden or outdoor space. Designed with a rectangular shape, the sauna comes with different types of cladding. Customers can select between spruce, larch, or modern panels with a smooth surface and black finish. The interior boasts light aspen wood surfaces, comfortable benches, backrests and headrests, as well as a floor grate and a protective heater grille. The company also offers the option to choose between Finnish-style heaters or Bio-O, lower temperature heaters. Both options come with included sauna stones.


Outdoor Sauna and Steam Room

Outdoor Sauna and Steam Room

A modular unit with a sauna and steam bath.

Another design from Alpha Wellness Sensations, this sauna from the Wellness@Home series offers the complete spa experience. The prefab, modular design incorporates a sauna with a hammam or Turkish steam bath. Made with wooden cladding (available choices include red cedar and hemlock) and a welded steel structure, the unit also features a glazed front, aspen wood interiors, LED lighting, a Bluetooth audio system, and Ezarri mosaic tile flooring. Customers can also choose between traditional Finnish or IR heaters for the sauna. In the steam room, there’s a steam generator with a control unit and an aromatherapy diffuser. A shower unit is also available.

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