Hill Lodge Resort In Thailand

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There are many gorgeous resorts around the world, but few can make guests feel like they are staying in a treehouse that is cut off from the outside world and completely immersed in a beautiful landscape that includes lush vegetation, green hills and exotic wildlife. Located in the Chiang Mai Province, Thailand, the Hill Lodge Resort lets visitors experience a different kind of break from city life. It’s a quiet, peaceful and elegant space where you can connect with nature and still enjoy modern luxuries.

Initially just two-three bungalows and a hut, the structures were used by the owners for special celebrations and as a vacation home, but seeing how their friends had fallen in love with the place, they decided to expand it with new structures and extensive renovations throughout the complex. The owners hired Sook Architects Company Limited to completely renovate the site and to build additional bungalows that could welcome more guests as well as offer housing for the resort’s employees. The project was challenging, not only because the resort is located on a steep hill, far away from the nearest town, but also because there was a language barrier between the architects and the local carpenters, who spoke a tribal dialect. To create the larger space, the builders used steel for the frames, columns and beams, while carefully preserving the beautiful northern Siamese vernacular architecture elements.
Locally sourced wood for the roofs and floors was processed by local craftsmen. The final result is stunning. A large cantilever terrace built around an imposing tree opens up towards the sloping side of the hill, providing incredible views of both the wildlife and the landscape. Inside, modern features are placed alongside traditional items, with simple and stylish furniture pieces, stone countertops in the bathrooms, wooden tables and hardwood floors creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The open plan spaces are filled with natural light thanks to the extra large windows and sliding doors made from glass. A spacious restaurant offers delicious meals in a unique setting where guests can enjoy local recipes and a striking view that becomes truly magical as the sun starts to set, bathing the jungle in a warm, golden glow. Photography by Spaceshift Studio.

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