Glass sculptures inspired by the colors and sounds of the ocean.

Los Angeles-based French artist Sébastien Léon combines different disciplines in his work, including painting, sculpture, music, and design. Following the Geochrom exhibition of gemstone-inspired glass lighting he presented at Design Miami in 2019, he created a new family of glass sculptures in collaboration with art gallery Twentieth Exhibitions. Hydrochrom (a Greek expression for “the color of water”) draws inspiration from nature; more specifically, it pays homage to the beauty of the ocean. The series comprises glass sculptures made with a blend of differently sized cubes which are either presented on their own or as light or sound sculptures.

For example, the former combine the bubbly glass cubic shapes with rod-like LEDs that illuminate the material from within and bring it to life in a mesmerizing symphony of monochrome hues and textures. These organic blue sculptures transform into suspension or tabletop lighting, offering an artistic twist on contemporary lighting design. For other sculptures, Sébastien Léon used surface speakers to give the glass another dimension with an original ambient oceanic soundtrack. Finally, each artwork has a name that references a different sea. The Hydrochrom exhibition opens on July 28 at Twentieth’s Los Angeles location and ends on October 8, 2021. Images courtesy of Sébastien Léon.

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