art with light

Contemporary artists use a wide range of materials, natural elements, and tools to create their works of art. And that includes light. On this page, we have gathered a series of artworks and installations that best represent the “art with light” concept. Imaginative and one of a kind, these projects are also inspiring and captivating. Here you can find large-scale, site-specific installations as well as functional artworks that double as lighting. Whether monumental or compact, every one of these art projects is special.

Creating art with light looks effortless and easy if you are one of the talented artists or designers featured on this page. These are the people who can use this challenging medium in a fresh, clever, and groundbreaking way. For example, using tubular LED lights to “pierce” an abandoned, graffiti-covered building and save the structure from becoming another boring office block while creating a new landmark in an urban setting. At least temporarily. Or using flexible lighting to surround an old stone cottage by the sea, creating a dialogue between age-old traditions and modernity. Another project re-imagines modular lamps as large-scale, suspended light sculptures that reference architectural elements.

Some artists and designers use light in an ingenious way. For example, to design a light that uses solar energy to illuminate a room at night. Or creating ocean-inspired glass sculptures with integrated LED lights, resulting in mesmerizing objects. Or using tree trunks, amber-colored resin, and LED lights to give a garden a surreal twist. Color often becomes a crucial component of creating art with light. For example, art exhibitions where projections change the hues of entire rooms in a captivating show of color and light that also immerses visitors in a meditative atmosphere.

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