An organic lamp made from orange peels with 3D printing technology.

Milan-based Krill Design focuses on green, circular design projects that come to life through closed-loop production methods. The Italian design studio also collaborates with renowned brands and companies like Seletti or Sanpellegrino on cutting-edge products. Using innovative technology, the team completes creative designs that are as practical and ingenious as they are environmentally conscious. The Ohmie Lamp is one of those products. Made from orange peels, the lamp comes to life through 3D printing to promote a smarter way of reducing waste in the food industry. Krill Design wanted to guarantee a fully Italian production chain, so they turned to a family-owned company in Sicily to source the orange peels. Turned into a fine powder, the dry peels are then combined with a biopolymer base for 3D printing. This technique also ensures that the studio uses only the required material for each lamp.

Ohmie features an organic silhouette and a textured surface as well as a subtle citrus scent and bright orange color. The lightweight lamp has a rounded shade that focuses the light and gives it a warm glow. Ohmie comes with a 1W LED light and a touch dimmer switch. At the end of its life, the user can send it to a composting facility where the lamp will transform into organic waste and return to nature. In the future, the studio aims to make it easier to recycle the lamp with household waste. Krill Design launched the lamp through Kickstarter; the successful campaign has surpassed the initial goal more than 11 times over, with 8 days still to go at the time of writing. If you want to grab your own orange peel lamp, you can become a backer until August 5, 2021. Photography© Krill Design.

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