A feat of product design and engineering.

Quintessentially British, Anglepoise is one of the most renowned lighting brands in the world. And it all started in 1932, with a groundbreaking invention. That year, automotive engineer George Carwardine invented a spring mechanism that allowed the user to re-position pivoting arms. His 4-spring lamp had an unparalleled range of movement but also remained perfectly balanced at all times. The prototype for the Anglepoise lamps was born. The revolutionary design became so popular, that Cawardine partnered with spring making company Herbert Terry & Sons to keep up with demand. In 1935, two years after the launch of the 4-spring Model 1208, Herbert Terry & Sons introduced Cawardine’s 3-spring lamp. Featuring the same innovative spring tension mechanism and an anthropomorphic silhouette, the lamp became the archetypal Anglepoise: Original 1227™.

Almost 90 years later, Anglepoise lamps brighten interiors in over 50 countries. More than just timeless products that fuse form and function, the brand’s designs are also incredibly versatile. Indeed, Anglepoise lamps suit virtually any space, from homes and offices to hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, and museums. Most of all, they represent the best of British design. The London Design Museum has included a section on the Anglepoise lamps in its permanent collection. In 2009, the Royal Mail stamp series celebrated British icons. The Anglepoise lamp appeared alongside Penguin Books, the Concorde, the Mini, the London Underground map, and the red Routemaster Bus.

Innovating lighting design, one lamp at a time.

Just like the brand’s first product that changed table lamps forever in the 1930s, the Anglepoise USA collection puts an emphasis on innovation. The Original 1227™ lamp also shows how good design doesn’t age and doesn’t require revisions. At the same time, the company’s products fit into modern living spaces and complement modern lifestyles with a clever design that focuses on function.

Apart from the classic desk lamps, the Anglepoise USA collection also includes wall-mounted lighting and pendant lighting. For work areas, lamps with desk clamps or hard-mounted installation systems provide a functional way to save space. Wall brackets bring the flexibility of a classic Anglepoise to a vertical surface; the lamp easily folds back against the wall when not in use.

The Anglepoise USA lighting collection includes different versions of the original lamps. These include convenient mini lamps that fit into compact work spaces. In this series, the 90 Mini Mini Lamp stands out, not onnly with its ultra-compact size, but with its functional design with USB charging and dimmable LED light. By contrast, the giant lamps create a focal point in any space with their imposing presence. At the same time, these larger-than-life lamps offer the same functionality of the brand’s tension spring technology. Lamps designed with marine-grade stainless steel fittings and a sealed housing bring high-end design to outdoor living spaces.

The Anglepoise lighting collection

Every overview of the Anglepoise USA lighting range should start with the brand’s signature design. The Original 1227™ lamp maintains the same lines and instantly recognizable shape of the first product launched in the 1930s, along with the Anglepoise® constant tension spring mechanism. In 2019, this iconic lamp comes in several versions that keep the character of the original while bringing its engaging anthropomorphic shape to various spaces, from desks, walls, and ceilings to floors – both indoors and outdoors. The nine-piece series includes the classic table version as well as mini lamps, giant lamps, and outdoor-friendly lighting. New additions include brass and ceramic lamps that add a stylish touch to the design.

Designed by Sir Kenneth Grange, the Anglepoise Type Range provides a contemporary take on the brand’s original lamp design. This series includes some of the most popular lighting designs ever introduced by Anglepoise. The versatile Type 75™ has also provided the foundation for new collaborations with esteemed British designers who have put their own mark on the beloved design. Like the Original 1227™, Type 75™ comes in a wide array of versions, from standard to mini and giant. Different installation options range from wall brackets to desk clamps and desk inserts, with mini metallic versions of the desk and wall lights are also available.

Throughout the collection, materials like pure bone china and metallic finishes have enhanced the Anglepoise lamp designs in new ways. Glowing with a soft light or making a glamorous style statement with gold and copper luster finishes, these lamps are as refined as they are practical.

Iconic new designs created by renowned designers

Over the years, the brand has further developed its collection by collaborating with esteemed designers like Paul Smith and Margaret Howell. Keeping British design at the heart of the brand, the Anglepoise line transforms practical lighting into high-end design.

A big fan of Anglepoise lamps, Sir Kenneth Grange became the brand’s Design Director in 2003. Since then, he has designed a wide range of new lamps for Anglepoise, from the Type 3™  lamp to Type 75™, Type 1228™, and the latest addition to the collection, Type 80™.

Together with leading British designer Paul Smith, Anglepoise has developed a collection that showcases the designer’s mastery of color. The Paul Smith editions of Type 75™ boast color schemes that transform the lamps into works of modern art. The hues range from vibrant and summery to rich shades reminiscent of fall, but all of these special editions look striking.

After the success of the Yellow Ochre Edition 2012 of the Type 75 lamp, Anglepoise and renowned clothing designer Margaret Howell have continued their collaboration with more refined designs. Now, the Margaret Howell Edition of Anglepoise lamps includes six desk and floor lamps. They feature colors like Sienna, Saxon Blue, and Seagrass, all of them completed with an elegant matte finish.

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Anglepoise Lighting

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