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Istoria Hotel

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A sophisticated retreat in Santorini, Greece.

Built in eastern Santorini, away from the island’s popular resorts, Istoria Hotel welcomes guests into a Greek paradise. Referencing the ancient Greek word for ‘story’, the hotel aims to write a new chapter in the island’s design and architectural history. The Perivolos Beach location provides the perfect alternative to the busy western coast. The black volcanic sand makes the blue of the Aegean Sea look even more striking, while the peaceful setting transforms any vacation into a blissful experience. Designed by Athens-based studio Interior Design Laboratorium, the retreat has 12 suites suitable for even the most sophisticated travelers. The contemporary aesthetic draws inspiration from vernacular design.

Here, minimalism meets traditional cues as well as a range of local materials. These include volcanic rock, wooden furniture, colored plaster, mosaic tiles, and handcrafted fabrics. It’s a balanced blend of modern and rustic, of high-end design and warmth. The 12 suites offer gorgeous views of both the beach and the mountains. Apart from providing access to the hotel’s huge pool, some suites also have their own private pools. Guests can relax in the hotel’s spa and lounge on the terrace before dining in the Istoria restaurant. Run by renowned chef Alexandros Tsiotinis of Noma fame, the restaurant serves delicious dishes made with ingredients that include freshly caught fish and vegetables from the resort’s organic garden. Photographs© Istoria Hotel.

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