Stylish home accessories made with a multifunctional design.

Designed by Brazilian designer Brunno Jahara, founder of Jahara Studio, the Loop collection explores the concept of connection and structure. The series uses curved handles as a common element, enhancing the geometry of simple forms while combining tradition with contemporary design. Loops comprises a candle holder, a tray, a bowl, and a fruit stand as well as an ice bucket. Conveniently multifunctional, the products can easily transform into a vase, water carafe, fruit tray, or even a table lamp. The curved handles provide a comfortable way to carry the items but also become the focal point of the design. Some of the products feature matching rounded legs.

The designer collaborated with Brazilian manufacturer Saint James to craft the series. Made from brass, the objects boast a silver plated finish that adds a classic accent to the minimalist aesthetic while enhancing the collection’s elegant style. Versatile and timeless, the Loop series brings refinement into living spaces. At the same time, the collection blends flexibility and multifunctional design with skillful craftsmanship. Whether empty or filled with vibrant flowers and fruits, the products look sculptural and simply beautiful. Jahara Studio introduced the Loop collection in February 2020, at Ambiente Messe in Frankfurt. Photographs© Jahara Studio.

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