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A modular, 3D-printed eyewear line that offers unprecedented customization options.

Created in a collaboration between experience design agency LAYER and UK-based brand Kite, the new KiteONE line provides a fresh take on modern eyewear. The modular, 3D-printed collection has a classic frame design that incorporates modernist influences. Apart from the minimalist aesthetic, the KiteONE line also impresses with its bespoke options. Indeed, the collection’s customization level is unprecedented in the eyewear industry. “KiteONE is the most tailored eyewear available, offering you both a high degree of comfort and aesthetic options. Wrapped in a highly intuitive service it also has the potential to be super accessible and aims to bring more people into the creative process,” explains LAYER Founder and Creative Director, Benjamin Hubert.

The KiteONE’s minimal frames are all made-to-measure to fit each customer. The eyewear brand uses 3D scanning to record several measurements of the customer’s head and face. These measurements include head and nose width as well as the distance between pupils and the ear positioning. The LAYER-designed KiteONE app then acts as a virtual fitting room. Using the app, Kite can customize other details, such as altering the softness of the lens form. Each bespoke pair of frames allows further customization. Customers can select between four different temple styles: Classic, Tip, Cord Tip, and Sport Tip. Color options for the frames, cords, and nose pads range from charcoal and moss green to brick red, while the hinges and branding details come in silver or rose gold.

Finally, apart from the unique serial number printed inside the temple, the customers can also add a personal message or a name of up to 20 characters. Following the customization stage, each frame is then 3D-printed, finished, dyed, and assembled. And the result? A completely personalized pair of premium quality glasses that fit the customer’s face perfectly. Originally launched in September at designjunction as part of London Design Festival 2018, KiteONE will be available online and in stores from Spring 2019. Photographs© LAYER and Kite.

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