A beautiful line of pendant lights made from upcycled plastic waste.

Seattle-based studio LightArt specializes in one-of-a-kind lighting made with locally sourced parts and a blend of traditional and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. Working with architects and designers, the company produces bespoke lighting as well as standardized pendants, sconces, or linear fixtures. From sculptural to classic and minimalist, their lighting designs brighten up interiors in more ways than one. With the Coil Collection, LightArt puts the focus on sustainability and responsible manufacturing. Crafted from the plastic waste left over from their own workshop, these pendants highlight the importance of sustainable lighting design. The collection has come to life after two years of research and development.

The pendants feature upcycled, 3D-printed plastic shades with curved forms. Completed with a textured surface, the shades also boast a matte finish which makes them resemble ceramic. The Coil collection features seven styles of pendant, all available in black or white versions. With diameters ranging from 8’’ to 12’’, the Coil pendants suit a wide range of spaces and they also allow the creation of symmetrical or asymmetrical compositions. Ideal for both residential and commercial spaces, the lighting looks great anywhere thanks to the blend of minimalist design, elegance, and monochrome palettes. Made to order, the Coil collection also comes with dimmable LED lights and adjustable suspensions. Photographs© LightArt.

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