Imaginative furniture and home accessories inspired by Venice and traditional craftsmanship.

Based in the town of Meolo, in the Metropolitan City of Venice, Italy, Medulum takes inspiration from the area’s rich culture, history, and age-old carpentry traditions to make imaginative and bold furniture and home accessories. The company was founded by Diego Zanchettin, an interior designer with decades of experience in traditional woodworking. He named the brand Medulum after the Latin name for the watercourse that guided nobles from Venice to their summer residences. Collaborating with Italian designers and architects, the company creates and manufacturers products that propose new design languages while also celebrating the beauty of a handmade wood object.

Medulum’s collaborators so far are Accardi Buccheri, Cara\Davide, Serena Confalonieri. Debonademeo, and Viviana Degrandi. Their designs are intentionally bold and unusual as well as artistic. Most of the designs in the collection reference Venice, in one way or another. For example, the Pontile bookcase that gives a nod to mooring piers found throughout the lagoon. The shelving system features vertical poles with painted tops and solid wood shelves. Or Milione, a cabinet named after Marco Polo’s eponymous travel report. This cabinet features intricate doors made with both wooden strips and brass accents, resulting in a filigree-like texture.

Other pieces of furniture from the Medulum collection take inspiration from fine art or nature. Named Prospecto, a series of wooden furniture references the perspective drawings of Filippo Brunelleschi with inlaid thin brass lines that create a 3D effect. The Basalto cabinets and storage units recreate the striking basalt pillars that form after the rapid cooling of lava flows. Made with two elements, they feature pillar-like slats and a solid wood base. A black finish enhances the visual impact further. Naturally, the company produces the entire collection in Italy, celebrating artisan woodworking and traditional techniques. Discover the Medulum collection here. Photography© Medulum.

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