Italian Innovation Meets Family-Friendly Functionality in a Foldable, Adaptable Package

Fabriga Cycles, the renowned Italian folding cargo bike manufacturer, recently unveiled its latest model, the Fabriga Modula, at the Cargo Bike Summit in London on March 31st. Following three years of development, the Modula is a significant evolution of the acclaimed Grazilla Motobus, which first showcased Fabriga‘s expertise in folding cargo bike design.
The Modula’s most groundbreaking innovation is its three-section frame assembly, comprising the steering, motor compartment, and tail. This modular design lies at the heart of the project and is the inspiration behind the bike’s name.

Meet the Fabriga Modula: The Shape-Shifting Cargo Bike Masterpiece - Gessato

Fabriga Modula: Adaptable for both manual and electric power

Designed with the entire family life cycle in mind, the Modula’s long tail can easily accommodate children and weekly groceries. Once the children have grown, the long tail can be replaced with a shorter one, converting the Modula into a compact, foldable city bike.
The bike’s unique motor cradle allows it to accommodate virtually any type of mid-drive motor, including a manual central movement. As technology progresses, the Modula will be prepared for quick and cost-effective upgrades by simply replacing the motor cradle, eliminating the need for a new bike.

Meet the Fabriga Modula: The Shape-Shifting Cargo Bike Masterpiece - Gessato

Foldable cargo bike at its core

While modularity appeals to those seeking a long-lasting investment in an adaptable urban bike, the foldable frame is another cornerstone of Fabriga’s design philosophy. The Italian manufacturer has always prioritized 360-degree usability in its projects, making a foldable cargo bike the ideal solution.

Meet the Fabriga Modula: The Shape-Shifting Cargo Bike Masterpiece - Gessato

Exceptional loading capacity for diverse needs

The Modula achieves Fabriga’s objectives by offering the longest available loading compartment at 115 cm. Once folded, the bike measures a mere 150 cm, enabling effortless storage in tight spaces and compatibility with standard car bike racks. This design makes it suitable for transportation in B-segment cars, campervans, small boats, elevators, and more.
Designed for passengers of different ages, Modula’s long tail features a two-level layout. Children up to three or four years old can sit in the lower central frame, while older children can comfortably occupy the upper level. For families with older children, Modula offers a double-decker option that accommodates everyone on the top level, with the option of a full-length or extra-long and wide platform for deliveries.

Fabriga’s new cargo bike comes with an array of smart accessories, such as foldable stainless steel Teddy bars, the Cargo Nest bag, foldable footrests, bamboo seats, and more. The Modula truly embodies a pivotal moment in the Italian manufacturer’s vision. The Fabriga Modula will be available in various configurations from September 2023, with prices for the manual version starting at a base price to be determined.

Meet the Fabriga Modula: The Shape-Shifting Cargo Bike Masterpiece - Gessato

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