A collection of “flowing” mirrors that droop around wooden dowels.

New York City–based Bower Studios is a multidisciplinary design firm that produces furniture, lighting, and home accessories with dynamic forms and imaginative designs. The Melt Collection showcases the studio’s approach to product design perfectly. An exploration of “reality vs. perception” through both material and form, the mirrors feature undulating forms reminiscent of malleable materials. The curved shapes bend and droop around wooden dowels, creating the illusion of flowing forms that would “pool” at the base of the wall without these supporting pegs. Artistic and sculptural, the Melt mirrors come in four versions, but all of them feature the same combination of “melting” glass and rigid wood supports.

Melt Mirror I and II feature a single wall-mounted dowel, while III and IV expand horizontally on two pegs. Cut with CNC machines and produced in-house, the mirrors also feature wood substrates in dark walnut or light oak wood. Customers can choose between Clear, Bronze, Peach, and Black glass options. To present the collection, the studio overcame Covid-19 restrictions by replacing site-specific photo shoots with 3D rendering. Artist Alexis Christodoulou created a run-down setting that contrasts the sleek, dynamic forms of the mirrors. Available now to pre-order, the Melt Collection mirrors cost from $1,700 to $4,300 and will ship from March 2021. Images© Bower Studios.

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