A company that lovingly restores, modernizes, and customizes Land Rovers with adventurous expeditions in mind.

Founded in 2017, Brooklyn Coachworks celebrates the character of classic Land Rovers but focuses on their potential for adventure. Creative director Daniel Marcello first discovered his passion for Land Rover models while growing up in upstate New York; the Land Rover 50th anniversary celebrations held close to his home ignited that spark. Years later, he became a Land Rover specialist by learning the car’s inner workings and customizing his own Defender. With over 20 years of experience in restoring, designing, and building Land Rovers, Brooklyn Coachworks offers car lovers a complete solution to customize their ideal Land Rover.

Brooklyn Coachworks developed its own Defender and provides either a completely stock build or an expedition truck conversion. Customers can also order bespoke cars adapted to their own needs. For their Land Rover Series, the company works with customer-provided cars from Series I and up to Series III. As specialist restorers, they can bring back vintage gems back to life and in pristine condition. Custom builds that modernize the classic Land Rovers or more bespoke adaptations are also available.

Custom features range from paint finishes to new engines, but the team always respects the original designs as much as possible. This is especially true when it comes to Brooklyn Coachworks’ Heritage collection of Range Rovers. For styling, the team uses old stock parts as well as genuine paint colors. However, every car completed by the company is designed with adventurous expeditions in mind, whether on- or off-road. The rugged cars look at home in cities or on country roads while providing all the modern comforts one would expect from a custom Land Rover. The company offers more info on custom builds, options, and limited-edition series on request. Photographs© Brooklyn Coachworks.

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