Mental Escapology by Damien Hirst

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The renowned artist’s work presented in five locations around St. Moritz.

St. Moriz is a high-end ski resort that is on the must-visit list of many winter sports fans, but in recent years it has also become a destination for contemporary art lovers. Now, one of the world’s most renowned artists has taken the Swiss city by storm with a large exhibition spread across five locations. “Mental Escapology” by Damien Hirst was curated by Jason Beard, produced by Oscar Humphries and Marco Voena, and organized with the assistance of the city of St. Moritz. This special art show brings more than 40 artworks and large-scale sculptures to outdoor spaces and two historical buildings.

While The Monk (2014) stands out on the center of the frozen Lake St. Moritz, Two Figures with a Drum (2013) and the 21-feet tall Temple (2008) rise from the shores of the lake. Placed right outside the historical Protestant Church building, Proteus (2012) represents Hirst’s version of the shape-shifting sea god from Greek mythology.

In the restored neo-classical Forum Paracelsus and the Protestant Church, visitors can admire some of Hirst’s most well-known series; from Mental Escapology, which gives the exhibition its name, to Spot Paintings, Natural History, Kaleidoscope, and The Ascension. Nestled in the gorgeous Alpine landscape or exhibited indoors, the works create a dialogue between art and St. Moritz’ natural and man-made spaces. The exhibition is the first public art show of the artist in Switzerland; it also marks the first time an artwork has been exhibited on the lake. Mental Escapology by Damien Hirst runs until March 24, 2021. Photography by Felix Friedmann © Damien Hirst and Science Ltd

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