Milan, Italy has been worshipped for its fine fabrics, its explosive fashion culture. Beyond the bright lights, after the expo dies down, everyone goes home and things get honest. A sad reality is revealed through images captured by Italian photographer Carola Merello in her series Milano Landscape View. Being from the region of Liguria herself, she holds nothing back, exposes the hard truth about the many abandoned shells just on the outskirts of the hype.  She scolds their lack of resourcefulness, shames their irresponsibility, demands more from her leaders and for those running the industry to handle things better than they are currently. Her quest is marked by her words, “I could not but develop a photographic passion for this dichotomy of our society, this ever wider divarication that sees, on the one hand, the creation of new areas and structures, some of great architectural interest, and, on the other, an inexplicable and silent abandon and neglect.”

Via [Domus] – Photographs © Carola Merello

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