A modern and multi-functional wood-fired grill.

Created by Kyoto-based designer Seiki Ishii of Seiki Design Studio, the BBQ&co grill brings modern, minimalist style to outdoor spaces like terraces, balconies, and gardens. This wood-fired grill may focus on function and ease of use, but also highlights the elegance of contemporary Japanese design. It features a simple metal build with a black finish and slender legs, two of them equipped with casters for more mobility. Designed to allow the user to concentrate while cooking, this outdoor barbecue has a compact size that maximizes function.

On one side, the wood-burning fire produces heat and glowing embers that can be spread over the ceramic tiles. As the fire burns constantly, it allows the cook to prepare more food despite the grill’s compact size. Two grills and accessories provide an easy solution to cook in different styles. For example, this bbq comes with a classic grill and skewers for Brazilian or Portuguese-style churrasco meat and rotisserie chicken. The design easily adapts to the user’s cooking preferences and needs, making it a great choice for compact urban spaces. Furthermore, the BBQ&co grill comes with a separate table with a wood top and a shelf. Like the bbq, the food prep table has two casters for more convenience. A practical and elegant addition to outdoor spaces inspired by Japanese houses, this grill looks at home anywhere thanks to its clean, understated design. Photography© Takashi Kuroyanagi.

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