Naia™ – A Low Impact Cellulosic Fiber

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Naia™ is a made in the U.S.A botanical, cellulosic fiber manufactured with transparency in mind.  Like most manmade cellulosic fibers (MMCFs), this fiber is created from wood. According to Textile Exchange Preferred Fiber and Materials Market Report 2021, this category of textile materials has a market share of around 6% of the total fiber production volume, with an annual production volume of about 6.5 million tonnes. To preserve ancient and endangered forests, the raw material behind Naia™ is sourced responsibly from sustainably managed eucalyptus and pine forests and plantations. Eastman, the company that produces Naia™, holds FSC® and PEFC™ certifications, and their suppliers also have internationally recognized sustainable forestry certifications.

Unlike other manmade cellulosic fibers such as conventional viscose and acetate, Naia™ is manufactured through a closed-loop production process. The solvents used in the process that transforms the wood into fiber are recycled back into the system for reuse, avoiding their release into the environment. The water employed during the production is cleaned before being released back to its source and routinely tested to verify its impact on the aquatic ecosystem of the local river. The result of this process is a quick-drying cellulosic fiber with significant pilling resistance and dimensional stability.

Naia™ is OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Product Class I certified and is manufactured without the hazardous chemicals listed on the ZDHC Manufacturing Restricted Substances List. This fiber has also been certified as biodegradable and compostable by TÜV AUSTRIA. Naia™ ranked third most sustainable fiber producer in Canopy’s 2020 Hot Button Report and has been verified as ISO 14044 standard-compliant by Quantis.

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Roberta Fabbrocino is a journalist and environmentalist specialized in circular economy, green innovation, climate change, and sustainable fashion. She writes for Gessato, Lampoon, Luxiders, Lifegate, and many other publications and creates content for green brands.

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