A creative concept for a pendant light.

Stuttgart-based designer, architect, and 3D artist Deniz Aktay studied architecture and urban planning at the University of Stuttgart. During his free time, he started designing furniture and participating in design competitions. Soon, he realized he loved creating new designs that kept proportion, materiality, and functionality in balance and turned his focus on a new field: the visualization of products, lighting and furniture. While his Crossbred concept optimized function with a 2-in-1 design, the Nested Pendant Lamp concentrates on improving a room’s aesthetics and mood. The pendant lamp features a light “nested” in between two sheets of semi-transparent glass or plexiglass. Turned on, the light illuminates with a soft glow and thus creates a cozy atmosphere in a room.

The designer proposed a range of light colors for the Nested lamp, including peach and mint green. Furthermore, the two identical sheets would make manufacturing more cost-effective and efficient. In this ingenious concept, four simple fastening elements allow the user to easily change the light bulb as needed. The design also provides endless possibilities for mixing colors, transparencies, and geometric shapes. For now, the Nested Pendant Lamp is in the stage of concept. You can admire more of the designer’s ideas on his official website. Images © Deniz Aktay.

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