An elegant and versatile wood table that is also conveniently modular.

Established in 1967, Finnish brand Nikari produces beautiful wood furniture that celebrates Finnish craftsmanship and design. Even the brand’s name means “cabinet maker” in Finnish. Over the years, the company has collaborated with renowned designers to create timeless chairs, tables, and accessories. Well-known names include Alvar Aalto, Kaj Franck, Alfredo Häberli, Harri Koskinen, Jenni Roininen, Cecilie Manz, and Jasper Morrison, among many others. Crafted from sustainably sourced solid wood, the Nikari collection also features eco-friendly finishes and surface treatments. Regardless of their purpose, all of the brand’s furniture products are timeless and versatile. The Nikari Basic Table designed by Jenni Roininen is a perfect example.

Part of the Café series, the table suits both residential spaces and hospitality areas; it looks at home in family dining rooms, stylish restaurants, or office meeting rooms, in equal measure. “My design process began by thinking about a timeless table setting, the beauty of wooden surfaces and joinery details. I wanted to create a table with a comfortable option for both big as well as small groups of people,” says designer Jenni Roininen. Minimalist and conveniently adaptable to different needs, the elegant table features a modular design. As a result, the user can easily expand the table by adding rectangular units between rectangular or oval tables. This also means that a larger table is easy to pull apart as needed if one wants to use only one section of the table and place the rest of the components in storage.

Crafted from solid wood, the Nikari Basic Table comes in either oak or ash wood. Customers can choose between a natural wood oil mix or a lacquer finish. Both the oval and the rectangular shapes come in various sizes, with the oval design also available with a straight end that ensures the user can easily add an extension. Lightweight, the table is also easy to assemble. It comes flat-packed for more convenience, helping to reduce packaging and making transportation easier. Every Nikari Basic Table is made with durability in mind. Like other products from the Finnish brand, the solid wood table is sustainably made and designed to last – whether in a family home or in a busy restaurant or office setting. Finally, thanks to the simple, elegant design, the table complements a wide range of dining chairs or office chairs. Photographs© Nikari.

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