The Nuez Lounge Bio Chair

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A designer lounge chair made with biodegradable and easily recyclable materials.

Part of the Nuez collection created by award-winning designer Patricia Urquiola for Andreu World, the Nuez Lounge Bio chair blends elegance and comfort with sustainable design. Reminiscent of folded paper, the shell curves around the user’s body to enhance seating comfort. However, this lounge chair is much more than designer furniture that looks great anywhere. Manufactured with a Bio thermo-polymer material that has been produced by living organisms, the chair is easily recyclable as well as biodegradable. Made without fossil fuels, the cutting-edge material is even suitable for composting.

The high-back shell boasts a stylish ribbed pattern and comes in four color options: black, gray, sand, and terracotta brown. To keep the design as green as possible, Andreu World has developed a special upholstery material. Made from recycled packaging and plastic bottles, the fabric is conveniently recyclable. Finally, the aluminum base comes in polished, white, or black versions. A chair with a solid ash wood base is also available, along with an optional tilting mechanism. At the end of its life, the Nuez Lounge Bio is easy to take apart for recycling, with each component suitable to re-enter the manufacturing cycle all over again. The Nuez collection also includes a chair, an armchair, a stool, and a table. Photographs© Andreu World.

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