A sculptural candelabra inspired by both nature and architecture.

Oslo-based design studio Anderssen & Voll creates homeware products that celebrate Scandinavian design and sustainability. When the studio doesn’t collaborate with brands like Kvadrat or Muuto, it produces gorgeous products for Nedre Foss. Founded by Anderssen & Voll, the Norwegian brand makes objects with a focus on craftsmanship and durability. Indeed, all Nedre Foss follow the brand’s core mission of providing long-lasting use over a period of at least 100 years. The Nunatak candelabra complements its premium quality build with an organic design. The name Nunatak refers to a hill or a mountain surrounded by glacial ice. Inspired by both nature and architecture, the candelabra boasts four arms reminiscent of towers or geological formations.

To bring this sculptural candelabra to life, the studio translated hand sketches into cardboard models before building a clay model using traditional sculpting tools. 3D scanned, this clay model went through a process that refined the shape without diminishing its raw, organic character. After preparing the cast iron molding, the team seasoned the metal with linseed oil and the heated the object. This last stage ensured its longevity. A perfectly balanced blend of manual and digital techniques along with Nordic design, the Nunatak candelabra offers an elegant solution to brighten living spaces and enhance the décor of a room at the same time. Photographs© Anderssen & Voll.

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