Sculptural paintbrushes that re-imagine artists’ tools as functional as well as decorative objects.

Creative product design can transform even the most ubiquitous objects into works of art. The Landscape Tail collection exemplifies this perfectly. Created by Oornament Studio, a design firm founded by designer Daniel Huang and artist Su Yu-Xin, the range seamlessly blends art and design in products that are both functional and decorative. The Landscape Tail range re-imagines artists’ tools as functional but sculptural items that look beautiful when not in use. The name refers to topography and to the mark left by a paintbrush on canvas or paper. The collection comprises acrylic and oil paint brushes. Organic and ergonomic as well as artistic, the porcelain handles feature rounded forms and smooth surfaces. As the pigments used by artists often come from minerals, the studio chose a natural color palette with earthy hues.

To craft the collection, Daniel Huang traveled to Jingdezhen, China, a region renowned for its porcelain and ceramic production. He worked with local artisan to make the paintbrushes by hand. While the handles feature kiln-fired kaolin porcelain with a glazed finish, the bristles have different patterns and densities to suit various styles of painting. The brushes feature hand-bound bristles as well as marine-grade stainless steel ferrules. Artists can use the Ridge, Pebble, Moon, and Peak brushes to lay paint in larger strokes, rhythmic movements, or precise lines. Depending on design, the brushes allow users to fill larger areas or add details to an artwork. Photographs© Oornament Studio.

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