Steel furniture that explores the symbiotic relationship between traditional craftsmanship and industrial production.

Swedish-Iraqi designer Sizar Alexis draws inspiration from the rich culture of ancient Mesopotamia and his interest in brutalist architecture to create his work. Bold and full of character, his designs feature clean lines and geometrical forms as well as textured surfaces. The product and furniture designer also uses noble materials in neutral colors to create his designs; from wood and ceramic to leather and metal. For the Pilier Series, Sizar Alexis used raw steel. The collection explores the symbiotic relationship between traditional crafting techniques and industrial production methods. Pilier comprises tables, sideboards and trays.

Crafted from steel without any welding, the series boasts both angular forms and clean lines that combine in characterful objects. Custom made threaded pins and nuts hold the different components together while adding a sculptural accent to the design with their pillar-like shapes. Assembled by the designer in Eskilstuna, Sweden, the Pilier series blurs the line between art and design. The pieces have a blackened steel build but also feature a subtle mottled finish. For the trays, the designer used black ox leather to complement the metal. Apart from this exclusive series, Sizar Alexis has also designed angular wood chairs and stools along with minimalist accessories, which you can find in his shop. Photography© Sizar Alexis.

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